Galapagos Islands Photo Tour Oct 9th our journey back to Quito.

October 9, 2011

Sunday October 9th ... Blog Entry Our journey back to Quito.

This mornings wake up call over the loud speaker of the ship was a clucking rooster followed by a resounding cock a doodle do and then a familiar voice greeting everyone and calling them to breakfast.  A fun way to remember our last morning on the ship.

After breakfast the group said their good-byes to the crew and we boarded the zodiacs to head back to the port and to meet our motor coach that will take us back to the Baltra airport.  We will have left just enough time for two more photo stops as we cross the island.  Our first stop is to see the giant tortoise that roam in the wild grassy regions of the island, and then a stop at one of the many island lava tunnels.

Needles to say getting up close to these large half shelled creatures was quite the experience.  The misty garua and overcast skies made for some great images.  You could find the giant tortoise as we walked through the bush and mud lands.  As we shook the mud we boarded the coach and headed back up the road.  After a short drive, we got out and we reached a set of stairs that took us down into the lava tunnels.  

These tunnels carried the once active volcanic lava up to the surface.  The lava found it’s way to the surface through fishers in the rock and with pressure and heat formed the tunnels.  It was quite the feeling to descend into the tunnel.

After a short time of exploration and photos we carried on our journey to the airport.  We will not fly from Baltra back to the mainland of Ecuador to Quito.  We will be staying in Quito overnight, catching our flight back home tomorrow morning.

We had some free time to visit the local markets and explore some of the streets of Quito.  The group then got together in the evening for a farewell dinner located high on the hill of the city.  The lights of the city below were beautiful.

We finished off with a 45 minute bus tour of the old part to Quito as we wound through the streets working our way back to our hotel.  It was interesting to hear some of the history of this city.  

Early start tomorrow as we begin our journey home.  We hope you have enjoyed the images and stories of the places the trekkers visited during our tour.  Thanks for following along and enjoy the images of the last day of our journey.

Starting off today are a few images of the ship.  These images were shot by Dick Blosdale.  This is the lounge area of the ship located aft on the main deck of the ship.

Another image of the lounge area on the ship.  We met here each evening for our briefings and to socialize.  Image by Dick Blosdale.


The corridor between the lounge and the dinning room. Image by Dick Blosdale.


The mood deck corridor leading to the staterooms. Image by Dick Blosdlae.


The dining room located forward on the main deck.  Image by Dick Blosdale.


Our final zodiac ride back to the port.


Some of the small fishing boats anchored in the port.


We had a light rain as we arrived at the area to view the giant tortoise.  Erika improvising to stay dry.  Great colour Erika you will be easy to find amongst the greet brush.


Giant Tortoise the roam the island of Santa Cruz.  They love the moisture.


Hiding in the trees.  They love the mud too.


We were advised by the naturalists to always approach from the side and not head on.


Two more playing in the mud.


Tom and Dick getting a couple of shots.


This guy was quite curious.


Bonnie poising behind a resting tortoise.  This gives you and idea of the size of these guys.  They have quite a long life span living to be over 100 years old.


Nancy steps in for a shot too.


I don’t think I would want to be close to that jaw ...


A smaller tortoise in a mud hole.  The tortoise can also go a considerable amount of time without water.


Karen stopping to smell one of the flowering brushes.


A tortoise in one of the ponds we came upon as we walked through the lush green brush.  A big contrast to some of the places we visited this past week.


Another view of the pond.


They just move slowly, stopping to check us out.


An HDR shot at the pond.


With Jim and Brenda standing in the shot it gives you a bit of a perspective of the size of these guys.


Our decent into the lava tunnel.


Inside the lava tunnel.  These walls were carved out by the molten lava rushing to the surface.


Frank and George talking about the tunnel.  It was amazing to walk through.


Our farewell dinner was held in a restaurant overlooking the city of Quito.  Image by Maria Devereux.


A group shot outside our hotel in Quito as we prepared for our journey back home.  Thanks for a great trip everyone.


It is a very steep take off out of Quito, and before you know it you are high above the Andes Mountains.  This image was shot by Bonnie Guthrie.  Thanks Bonnie.


Another arial shot as we departed Quito.  Image by Bonnie Guthrie.


Approaching the Florida coast and as we fly towards Miami.  Image by Bonnie Guthrie.


We hope you have enjoyed the images from our photo trek to the Galapagos Islands.  Thanks for following along.  This final image was shot by Terry Lennox.


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Posted by Erika on
So Sad to say Good Bye
Posted by Ross Blakey on
What a great journey for you all! Isn't that animal life just incredible on those islands! Definitely a trip of a lifetime and quite envious of you guys going there. Going to be pretty hard to top this...