Iceland Photo Tour Rejykvik June 16th, 2012

June 16, 2012

Iceland Photo Tour - Rejykavik - June 16th

Welcome to Iceland ... the group landed safely at 6:40 a.m. this morning and after clearing customs we met our coach, had breakfast and started a morning tour of Reykjavik and region.  It is an amazing city with many photo opportunities.

We checked into our hotel around 12:30 p.m., then group had the afternoon free to continue exploring the city.  This evening we met for our welcome reception, then some of the group when back out to take advantage of the midnight sun.  

We visited Hallgrimskirkja (church of Hallgrimra) which is a Luthern Church at the top of the hill within the city.  At 74.5 meters or 244 feet high, it is the largest church in Iceland.

We went up to the top of the tower for some aerial photographs of the city, then a casual walk through some of the beautifl city the streets.

Tomorrow we will leave Reykjavik and head out along the coast visiting a geo thermal plant, geyser flats, Gullfoss waterfalls and the picturesque town of Skalhot.

Thats it for this evening, as we close off the blog it is 11:30 p.m. here in Reykjavik, check out the final photo on the blog it was shot a few minutes before uploading todays post.  Good night from the Photo Trekkers in Iceland.

Suitcases loaded onto our motor coach, departing the airport for our Iceland tour.


Classic Iceland, this was the scenery that set the pace for the day as we departed the airport.


One of stops this morning was at the site of an annual Viking Festival.  Susan helping to prepare tonight supper.


One of 100 statues in and around Reykjavik.


Caution Vikings having a good time.


Deb lines up her shot.


This little church is located just in front of the residence of the President of Iceland.  Not the little bugs that look like planes flying over the church.


Nancy lining up her shot at the graveyard that is located next to the church.


The little church in black and white.


One of the buildings on the presidential residence grounds.


This is called the pearl, 850,000 thousand gallon storage for hot water, in Reykjavik.  There is so much geothermal activity in this area.


Dan taking on the role of safety officer yet again, making sure all get across the streets ok.


Dan discussing some of his images with his new friend.


Close to the city centre of Reykjavik.  Such a beautiful city.


Who’s that coming out of the lake, this is truly a mystical place.


This is a long weekend in Iceland celebrating independence.  This was a fringe festival with many activities going on throughout the city.


This busker was working the crow, he was quite good.


Down by the sea shore.


Research vessel.


This is the Harpe performing arts centre.  It is a beautiful piece of architecture.


Joyce inside the Harpe Centre shooting some of the reflections and lines.


More interesting lines and shadows.


There she blows, a mariners memorial.

It might only be 14C outside but that does not stop the cafe’s and outside eating establishments.


For PH


Gail and Sue relaxing.


Inside City Hall, there was a photo exhibit this week.


Another shot just outside city hall.


This is the Hallgrimskirkja (church) notice the clock and opening above.  That is were we shot the areal photos of the city from.


 Look up, way up.


Inside the main santuary of the church.


This is the other side of the clock in the clock tower.


And this is the amazing view. You get a beautiful panoramic of the city.


Here’s another view of one of the four clock faces.


A Panoramic shot from the tower, this is 9 images stitched together.


This last shot of the evening was taken at 11:30 p.m. just to give you an idea how bright it is here at night.  The sun sets on the horizon, travels along to the east and rises again.  It never really drops below the horizon this time of year.


That’s it for our first day in Iceland, more images, fun and interesting stories tomorrow. 

Good night from Iceland and the Photo Tour Trekkers.

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Posted by Jim Hall on
Great photos! Glad to hear everyone arrived safe. Right now, I'd take 14 degrees over 33+humidity any day! Enjoy!

Posted by Lisa on
Good to hear everyone has arrived safe, way to go Nancy! 

Posted by Elizabeth Cowie on
Glad you arrived safe'n' sound!
Owen Sound
Posted by Patty on
Beautiful, keep em coming.

Patty Mitchell
Posted by Joan on
So glad everyone arrived safety - have just a GREAT time - much love comes to you Nancy....Mom
Posted by Nancy Anne on
Mum says it hasn't rained yet here. Hope it doesn't rain there either....... NA & E
Posted by JoAnn on
Beautiful pictures everyone. How nice of you all to share such and amazing adventure with us at home. 
Randy- can't wait to see all your pictures when you return. Have a great adventure and stay safe!!
Love JoAnn
Posted by Bre on
Amazing ... and Susan cooking! But looks like the meal was ok as Joe has now appeared in images and is still smilin'. LOL
Posted by Lidia on
Wonderful photos! I see no need for air conditioning where you are and hopefully you have thick blinds in the hotel room to block the sunlight at night. Susan, I guess no need for your flash :).
Posted by Patti on
PH says thanks! So jealous of all of you. Keep the photos coming folks. The architecture is so interesting.
Posted by Shari on
Wow, Great photos. Wish I was in Iceland, it looks fascinating. Looking forward to seeing Sundays!
Posted by Julie Bernard on
There are no words! How fabulous! have fun Gail! Jules
Posted by Donna Rick West on
Hi Deb & Bill, great pictures, wish we were there with you. Deb, your brother wants to know if there are any golf courses around (of course he would want to know that), I'm surprised he didn't ask before you left. He wants you to grab a score card if you can.
Have a great time, take care & enjoy.
Love you both
Posted by Dave Chidley on
So the trip is just getting cooking (Susan) and already Dan has found a new stone-faced subject for his humour!

I am already seeing that this is going to be a great trek. Iceland looks like a really special place. Have fun everyone, I wish I was there to create some havoc! 
Posted by LInda Barr on
Iceland is much more beautiful than I ever imagined. Thanks for sharing your adventures. I hope my friend, Ron is behaving himself !
Posted by Linda Barr on
Thanks for sharing your adventures ! Iceland is more beautiful than I imagined ! I hope my friend, Ron has been behaving.
Posted by Heidi Schnitker on
Glad to see the group arrived safely. It looks beautiful. I can't wait to see more.
Posted by Brian Reynolds on
Hi Ron Looks like you are having a great time.
Hope your vacation went well
The scenery shots are fantastic.