Iceland Photo Tour South Coast, Black Basalt Beaches and Glaciers June 18th, 2012

June 18, 2012

Iceland Photo Tour - South Coast, Black Basalt Beaches and Glaciers - June 18th, 2012

First of all sorry for not posting yesterday, the internet connection went down at our hotel just before I started uploading and did not come back up, even this morning prior to our departure. So today you will have two posts for the price of one.

We had the most beautiful day for photography.  Our first stop this morning was the black basalt beaches near Vik were we walked along the black sands formed from all the volcanic activity in this region.  It was 8:30 a.m. when we set out and the weather made for a comfortable walk along the shoreline.

We then started our drive towards the Glacier fields and Hofn, stopping at numerous locations along the way.  We visited Europe’s largest glacier and hiked up along the ice fields for our photography.  We then carried on along the wash out areas to lake Jorkulson to photograph the icebergs that break off the glaciers and are carried out to the sea.  It was a beautiful day.  This evening we are staying in the small fishing village along the coast called Djupivogur.  Enjoy the images from todays trek.

The map below shows you our travelling distance from Vik to Hofn.



Our coach driver Ole enjoying the view, that is the volcano that erupted in 2010 snow capped in the background.


An HDR shot on the black basalt beaches.


Tom, Bill and Pia heading down to the shoreline.


Another angle of the Basalt along the beach.


Val extending her lens, with a little help form the shoreline rocks.


Pia along the beach.


A wide angle shot of the coastline.


This puts it all into perspective, Paul walking along the high columns.  Thanks Terry for the shot.


Twine that has washed onshore.


Another quaint village along HWY 1


We stopped to photograph a small waterfalls, but there were many other items to photograph too.  Like this farm house and tractor.


Two flash gun Hopkins ready to shoot the waterfalls.


Two Icelandic horses just wanting a little attention.


This is the little waterfalls.


Someone always gets to wear the hat.  Look Dave, it’s not a squirrel!


Scenery along the coastal highway.

Turf roofed buildings.

This is one of the last five turf roofed churches left in Iceland.


This is the wash out area from past volcanic eruptions, it melts the glaciers very quickly and then it floods these lowlands.


At the base of the glacier, this field is part of the largest glacier in Europe.

A shot of the glacier as we hiked up the side trail.

Miles of Ice, but as you hiked along it was very warm.


Notice the group hiking out on the glacier.


Looking down into the debris field towards the tip of the glacier.


This is the icebergs on Lake Jorkulson.


You can see the massive glacier in the background.


Deb and Bill by the icebergs.


The blue colour is beautiful.


A turn getting ready to dive into the water for a fish.


Here he goes right into the water.


More icebergs, the colours are amazing.


That’s it for this evening, more images and stories tomorrow night.  Good night from all the Iceland Photo Trekkers tonight we are in the small coastal village of Djupivogur. 

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Posted by Elizabeth Cowie on
Hi there Jamie,
These photos are absolutely amazing, I am enjoying
them very much. Hi to everyone, 
Love, Mom.
Owen Sound.
Posted by Christine on
Beautiful pics again - can't wait to see today's!
Posted by Connie on
Just taking a few minutes away from work to checkout what the group has been up to. What a beautiful country and some really interesting scenery and shots!
Posted by Joel on
Hello everyone, you have posted some beautiful images. I'm enjoying the daily updates. I can't wait to see today's.

Posted by Kathy on
Absolutely breathtaking photographs wow, really enjoyed the glacier photos.
Posted by Bill on
Hi from your fellow Icelandic travellers.
Posted by Marg on
Hello Everyone, 

We are enjoying your images. Nancy as always it's great to follow your travels.

Keep the beautiful images coming.

Posted by Pat on
I love the colour of the ice bergs. Looks like you are having a beautiful trip.