Iceland Photo Tour Akureyri to Borgarnes - June 21st 2012

June 21, 2012

Iceland Photo Tour - Akureyri to Borgarnes  - June 21st, 2012

The land of the midnight sun, became the land of the midnight photographers.  With sunset just after midnight and sunrise around 3:00 a.m. it’s a matter of logistics catching both.  We quite a few of the group decided on capturing the experience last night.  They went out at Midnight for sunset then met just before 3:00 a.m. to go back out for sunrise. Needless to say some great images but also some sleepers on the motor coach today.

After doing a small tour of Akureyri town, we visited the ski resort that overlooks the town and fjord.  Then started our journey back towards the south. We made photo stops along the way, including a slight detour to the north to photograph one of the oldest turf churches in Iceland.  This put us for a short time on the north coast and as close as most have been to the artic circle.  We came across a field of Icelandic horses and spend some time photographing them too.

We are now in Borgarnes and are preparing to go out for another midnight sunset trek.  Good night from the Photo Trekkers in Iceland.  Enjoy todays images.

The light blue colour shows you the distance we traveled today, including the spike in the map to the north.



Another old tractor just outside the garedens in Akureyri.


Looking back over the water in the fjord.


Q playing with shadows.


The view from the ski resort, just above Akureyri.


Gail shooting back towards the village.


The ski resort in Akureyri, beautiful clouds.


Susan taking Solveig and Bills photos.


A little country church.


The spectacular view from the grave yard in the back of the church.


A turf roofed house.


Bill taking a look around at the turf houses.


Icelandic Turf Houses.


Easy to maintain, and to keep it trimmed turn your sheep loose on your roof.


The Icelandic horses are beautiful, and what trip to Iceland would be complete with out a few images of these magnificent animals.


Just for you Gail and Nancy-Anne


Another great shot of the horses.

So thats it for this evening, good night from the Photo Trekkers in Iceland, tonight we are in the small inland port and village of Borgarnes.

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Posted by Gail Steer on
Thanks so much for the pics of the icelandic horses! I've heard they are amazing to ride! Some day!
We have enjoyed all of your pics this week! 
Wish we could have been there with you. 

Gail and Bob Steer
Posted by Jim Hall on
Spectacular!! As you said yesterday (I think), it seems as if everywhere you turn you have picturesque vistas! Looks like an amazing trip… wish I could be there!

Safe travel tomorrow!
Posted by Jerry Cornell on
What a photography trek this must have been, never a days goes by without some of the most outstanding photos for us to view and marvel at. I can sure say that I am very sorry to have missed this one. Take care all and enjoy the sunset tonight.
Posted by Patti on
The moment I saw those horses I knew Gail would be the first to respond. LOL They're lovely. What scenery! I love those houses. Reminds you a bit of the thatched roofs in Ireland.