Monument Valley Photo Tour Saturday April 28th, 2012

April 28, 2012

Monument Valley Photo Tour Saturday April 28th, 2012
Zion National Park - Riverwalk and Emarld Pool

Jet lag was not holding the photographers back this morning ... even though there was not a set sunrise photo shoot quite a few of our trekkers could be found exploring and photographing the sunrise from close by our hotel.  Our hotel in only two minutes from the gates of the National Park and we are surrounded by the canyon. As you can see with the first image of todays post this is what we see right from our hotel balconies.

After a hardy breakfast at a local eating establishment called Blondies. The owner is someone James met when he was in the area a few months back setting up the tour and she opened for breakfast just for our group.  She also prepared box lunches for the group today so we could stay in the park over the lunch hour and not loose time coming out of the canyon.  Thanks again Shelly Cox owner of Blondies for all your help.

Our first stop this morning was a 3 km round trip at the very end of Zion Canyon called River Walk Trial.  The early morning light was beautiful and as you walked deeper into the canyon the walls got more narrow, and all that was left was a side pathway and the Virgin River.

This afternoon we hiked up the trial to the Emerald Pools, three beautiful collections of water pools that are located at various altitudes of the trail.  It was beautiful with many photo opportunities.

We retuned to the hotel late in the afternoon with about an hour to freshen up before heading out this evening for our Welcome dinner.

Tomorrow we will be up at 6:00 a.m. to go into the canyon for sunrise photos, then after breakfast we will pack up and begin our journey to Monument Valley.  We will be making a stop at Horseshoe Bend in Page, Arizona enroute to Monumet Valley.

Good night from the Trekkers and enjoy the images from todays outings.


Sunrise 6:40 a.m. from our hotel.  


Reflections in the Virgin River, from our morning hike on RiverWalk Trail.


Christine and Sue on the Riverwalk Trail.


Susan is holding a parrot, not the type of bird you would think of finding in the park.  A young lady was hiking with her pet and let Susan hold it.


This guy was posing by the river, notice the copper colour to the river from the reflection of the red rock cliffs.


Pia taking a shot from the park shuttle bus window.


Another trail watcher, notice the reflections in his eyes.


Look up ... it's a bird. it's a plane no it's mountain climbers. Several mountain climbers were on the rock face when we were preparing for a group photo.


Our first group photo, shot today at White Throne in Zion National Park.  Ross B take a close look at Bill Hall.


Jim always likes to colour co-ordinate with the trees, when we visit these parts.


Waterfalls at lower level of Emerald Pools.  There are three pools in total, and the hiking trail takes you right under the falls.


The reflecting light and colour off the rocks from the waterfall at lower Emerals Pool.


Half moon starting to rise over the valley at about 4:00 today.


This afternoon Paul thought he lost Pia, so he hired a sketch artist to create an image to pass out ... Paul went for detail and selected a large canvas.


That's it for tonight folks, and we would like to introduce you to Pixel our new tour guide, who is poining the way out of the canyon for our drive to Monument Valley.  He got the job because he works for peanuts.

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Posted by Elizabeth Cowie on
The pictures are fabulous, thanks Jamie, the comedian in our
family, I like Pixel. I am enjoying your trip.
Love, Mom
Posted by Michelle Rondeau on
How comical! I have a special findness for squirrels and I trust that Pixel will keep you on track. Am enjoying the photos and the documentation and look forward to hearing the stories. Happy trails....
Posted by Michelle Rondeau on
Oops! Should have looked before I leaped. As well as having a special "findness", I also have a special "fondness" for the little fluffy-tailed creatures and once sported a matching hairdo :)
Posted by Erin on
Oh, Dad! :D
Looks like a really nifty place, enjoy yourselves!
Posted by Doreen on
Dave I really think pixel went with you from our back yard into your suitcase but he's so cute. The pictures are amazing and I love following the blog keep up the great work.
Posted by Claudia Viani on
Looks like another great adventure...and you guys are having way too much fun! Wish I was there. Keep the photos coming. Claudia
Posted by Nancy Anne on
What I want to know is - Who takes their parakeet for a walk???
Looks like you are all having a good time. Enjoy! NA
Posted by Ross on
Hey Ho!!! Looks like you all are having a grand time... Got to say some great scenery there so looks like a lot of shutter activations are happening. 

Been also checking the temperatures from James's email - looks kind of warm there! Yay Bill, see my red bandana! Cool!!

Well, happy trails all. Keep those cameras busy....

Posted by Abby on

Looks like a beautiful place. Have an awesome trip!


Posted by Patti on
Jamie, you must be feeling better. Your jokes are back to groaners. LOL Great images of striking landscapes. Have a blast and keep the photos coming.

I bet Pixel can wangle a good deal on a new camera for Bill. ;0)
Posted by Deb on
Looks like another great day. Looking forward to seeing the slide shows...
Have a great day tomorrow as we will have rain.
Posted by shelley on
Hopefully Paul found Pia. Looks absolutely beautiful. Hope your having a wonderful time. 

David says hi.

Posted by Chuck on
You guys are on a wonderful Trip. I love the pics!!
That River Walk Trail is fantastic with everything growing on the walls. As you saw.
And the Emerald Pools and falls are so beautiful--and cooling on a hot day.

You must have seen Horseshoe Bend by now---that is fantastic and you may have seen some river rafters there way down below.

Have fun in MV !!

in Sedona