Monument Valley Photo Tour Sunday April 29th, 2012

April 29, 2012

Monument Valley Photo Tour, Sunday April 29th, 2012
Zion National Park traveling to Monument Valley

This was a very busy day for the trekkers.  Quite a few of the photographers where at the bus and ready to head to our sunrise location at 6:00 a.m. this morning.  We were treated to a beautiful painting of early morning sunlight, and with the added bonus of the deer walking into our view finders we had plenty to photograph.

After our sunrise shoot we returned to our hotel to get ready for the day, have breakfast and depart Zion to journey to Monument Valley.  On our way out of the park we did one more photo hike on the Canyon Overlook Trail.  It was about 2 km return hike.  The view from the overlook, the hike, and the images were amazing.  Mid morning we returned to our motor coach and we then departed for our journey to Monument Valley.  

Approximately half way to Monument Valley we passed through Page, Arizona and made a one hour stop at to photograph Horse Shoe Bend on the Colorado River.

We arrived at the hotel with enough time to check into our rooms and meet in the lobby of the hotel to head out for our evening photo shoot including sunset images.  Here in Monument Valley you have to use guide vehicles to take you around the valley.

Tomorrow morning after breakfast we will take the same vehicles and head back into the Valley for a full day of photography, including a cook out at mid day.

Below are images from todays adventures.

Sunrise photo shoot in Zion.


The sun starting to paint the mountain tops.


Frank taking a few shots from the top of Overlook Trail in Zion.


Rock Formations on the Overlook Trail.


Another View of Zion National Park from the Overlook Trail.  Notice the people on the right side of the image, this will give you an idea of size.


Do you see the old man in the rock formation.


Jim, Brenda, Danny, Val, Christine and Sue on the morning photo shoot and hike.


Jump ... Desert Big Horn Sheep.


More of the Desert Big Horn Sheep, look down on the group.


Rob sticks his head over the edge during our mid day stop at Horse Shoe Bend shot with a 15mm Fish Eye.


Horseshoe Bend.


Interesting flowers growing along the edge of the cliff.


First photo shoot this evening in Monument Valley.  It was a long coach ride but work the time waiting for it.


Another Landscape view of the Valley.


Young girl posing close by one of the Monument Valley formations.


Flowers with Mitten Rock towering in the background.


The golden sun in the Valley.


Horse freely grazing in the valley this evening.


Paul taking a shot of the golden light in the valley at sunset.


Nancy taking a sunset shot at Artist Point.


At one point the rock just seems to glow.


Three sisters rock formation silhouette.


Our final image this evening another sunset shot form Artists Point.

That’s it for this evening, we will be out in the valley all day tomorrow.  Good night, the trekkers are now in Monument Valley.

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Posted by Shari on
Fabulous photos. My legs are wobbly just looking at how close to
the edge some of you are, heights are not my thing. Great shots everyone. Love the one of the little girl and the horse! Keep going, looking forward to many more as the week progresses.
Posted by Doreen on
Wow looks beautiful the pictures are awesome loved the one of the young girl.The horses are also amazing keep up the great work.
Posted by Michelle Rondeau on
Great shots! I almost had a panic attack as I was imagining myself in Frank's place taking that shot from the top of Overlook Trail in Zion.
Posted by Bruce & Mary Lois on
Thanks for sharing the adventures and the fabulous photography.
Posted by Deb Jones on
Oh my goodness, I just got caught up with the blog and photos .. looks like a wonderful adventure .. great to see so many people I know ...I'm looking forward to each post .. wonderful photos .. Cheers !