New York City Photo Tour May 18th, 2012

May 18, 2012

New York City Photo Tour 911 Memorial/Skyline - Friday May 18th, 2012

New York is such a great place to visit and tonight’s blog I’m sure will prove it.  Today was a busy day of photography and we visited many interesting places.

First enjoy a subway seranade .... then on with the blog.

Our first stop this morning was the 911 Memorial, you can’t help but be moved by the experience of visiting this location.  There is no better way to honour the men and women who lost their lives.  From the hustle and bustle of busy Manhattan you step into this park of remembrance, and it is to peaceful.  

From the 911 Memorial we visited St. Paul's Church which was another source of comfort during the 911 disaster.  Here fire fighters, police and other rescue workers came right after the event and during after math when rescue and clean up efforts were underway.  Trinity Church is also a true testament to the efforts of the New Yorkers during this time of need.

We then headed down towards the financial district ending up along the river and Battery Park.  The group had some free time for lunch and to explore.  In the afternoon we headed back up to our hotel by subway and had a few hours of free time prior to our evening photo shoot at the Brooklyn Bridge and night photography along the river front.

Our evening shoot was great, we had a beautiful sunset, followed by a few hours of skyline photography from the Brooklyn side of the river.  

Tomorrow we head out in the morning for a walking tour, visiting Radio City Music Hall, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Rockefeller Centre, Grand Central Station, the Chrysler Building and Bryant Park.  Tomorrow night we will be visiting Time Square, the Theatre District and having dinner at Tony Di Napollie’s.

We have a great selection of images for you to enjoy this evening.

Good Night from Dave, James and the rest of the Photo Trekkers in New York City.


We started this morning with a subway ride to the 911 Memorial.


She rides the morning train ... 


Gail posing for a mirror shot enroute to 911 Memorial.


James leads the way to the Memorial ...


Bob and Bryan taking the first shots just outside the enterance to the Memorial.  Beautiful reflections everywhere.


Every angle was a photograph.


Morning coffee at the Towers construction site.  Which is within the same area as the memorial.


Dave the man in the shadows giving some last minute directions.


You can almost hear the discussion.  Bill and Linda at the 911 Memorial.


Reflections ... 911 Memorial


Mariette with a few US soldiers outside the 911 Memorial.


Paula taking some of her first shots at the 911 Memorial.


Freedom Tower, reflecting in one of the memorial pools.  Nice 14mm shot.


Kelly Photographing the names on the Memorial.


It will be an experience and visit not soon forgotten.


Nancy capturing a few images.


The 911 Memorial offered up many differenct angles and perspectives.


A beautiful location for reflections.  The light was perfect.


Another interesting reflection angle.


Bob standing in front of the Memorial Pool, the new Freedom Tower in the background.  When completed it will stand 1,776 feet and be the tallest building in NYC.


One set of clouds co-operated with us today.


Very little clouds in the sky, but this one made the shot interesting.


Someone has left this above one of the names on the Memorial.


The pools offered up many beautiful reflections.


The lower building in the background is going to be a 911 museum when completed.  The steel gerder and part of the foundation is still in place inside this building.


Beautiful reflections.


The water flowing has a calming effect and is so beautiful.


Looking into the museum window, one of the original steel gerders and foundations to the original World Trade Centre Building.  This will be part of an amazing exhibit when completed.


A verticle panoramic of the Freedom Town and reflection pool, this gives you an idea of the size of the project.


We then walked over to St. Paul's Church, the Bell of Hope, is in the back of the church and is rung every September 11th.


Deb checking out the many artifacts from 911 inside the church.


A memorial alter inside St. Paul's where family members have placed images of loved ones lost in 911.  St. Paul's was opened in 1776 and is the oldest running building in NYC.


More artifacts from 911.


Unwavering Spirit ...


We continued our tour walking down through the financial distric.


There is always something interesting on the streets to photograph.


See what we mean ... no additional comments needed!!!


The city streets offer up such a great backdrop of opportunities.


Shoe Shine anyone ... he almost got a shinner ... another story!!!


New York's finest.


Another interesting view of the new Freedom Tower.


James choose to wear a baseball hat today, instead of his traditional hat ... so the group took the liberty of finding him a new hat so he would stand out in the crowd.  With lens in hand he could take the statue's place no problem.  But does he meet the height requirement?


Battery Park, at the base of the financial district and next to the Hudson river.


Picture this ....


What's for lunch Ross???


Street Vendors make a colourful backdrop.


Great ... why not just ask for directions???


Robert and Mariette, recharged after lunch in Battery Park.


Would the real Statue of Liberty please stand up?


An afternoon in the park.


New York has such a diverse cultural base.


Waiting for the subway as we get ready to return to our hotel.


Our train arriving at the station.


Train arriving into the station in Black and White.


Jackie setting up her gear for our evenig shoot at the Brooklyn bridge.


Scott and Katherine on the walkway at the Brooklyn Bridge.


Airline gridlock.


Sunset on the Brooklyn Bridge looking back into Manhattan.  


Another sunset shot on the Bridge, it only gets cable not satelite.


A great wide angle shot.  Brought to you on the web.


Setting up for our night skyline photoshoot, in a park close to the Brooklyn Bridge.


Skyline of Manhattan at night, Brooklyn bridge on the left, Manhattan Bridge on the right.


Most of our time exposure shots tonight were 15 to 25 secounds, and the sky was clear which was an added bouns.  No fog or haze.


Final shot of the evening .... a Panoramic of the New York City Skyline.

That's it for tonight Live from New York ... Good Night.

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Posted by Pam on
OK ... regrets I wish I had come.
New York looks like a fantastic place to visit. You have taken some beautiful shots today. 

Always enjoy the travel blogs, 

Posted by Ron Davey on
Great shots! Love the night images. Looks like everyone is having a great time! I look forward to Tommorows images.
Posted by Elizabeth Cowie on
Hi Jamie:
The pictures are 'fantabulous' as always. Some very unique ways of capturing the spirit of that great City. Looking forward to todays
views that absolutely leave me in 'awe', thanks and be safe.
Love, Mom
Posted by Peter & Deb on
So wishing we were able to make this trip...looks like you're having a great time. Super shots!
Posted by Doreen on
I love New York great pictures. James you and Dave need to stop hanging out your too much alike lol No comment on the two pictures that your in keep up the great work.