Newfoundland Tour Day Two June 16th, 2011

June 16, 2011

Touring St. John’s.

Today we spent the day in a fog, literally ... St. John’s and surrounding regions were socked in by fog today.  Our motor coach driver, Randy said here in Newfoundland you know it’s foggy when the seagulls are walking.  The fog and the light mist did not stop us.  We spent more time shooting inside and found many interesting things.  First we visited St. John’s Basilica, which was built between 1839 and 1855 and is an amazing piece of architecture.  Then we visited St. John the Baptist Anglican Church.  We were treated to an interesting guided tour of this fine example of gothic architecture church.  Steeped in history the church dates back to the great fire in the mid 1800’s.  A visit to Gower street also proved to be a colourful experience as no two buildings or homes are the same colour.

After lunch we made the drive to Cape Spear, despite the heavy fog, we were able to get some interesting images.  The weather proved to be an interesting challenge, as it was not always that easy to find the shot.  There were plenty of reflections and close up shots.  The rough seas also offered up some interesting shots.

Tonight was our welcome dinner, and it was held at a restaurant called Bianca’s, our dinner was held in a private room called the wine cellar.  It was an interesting experience and a great meal.  Joni Burry and Cathy Cunningham from Carlson Wagonlit  Harvey’s Travel here in St. John’s joined us for our welcome dinner.  Both Joni and Cathy were a great help in adding the finishing touches to the tour.  It was great to see you both and again thanks for all your help.

Tomorrow we will be heading along the coast to Ferryland, the Ferryland Lighthouse for a picnic lunch and Bay Bulls for our first whale watching trek.  Here’s hoping the fog lifts for the morning.

Good night from the misty rock.

First off, this image was shot by Jerry Cornell at Pearson International Airport prior to our take off.  Talk about your full service gas station.  Thanks Jerry,


This will give you an idea of the amount of fog we had as we started our day.


St. John's Basilica, St. John's, Newfoundland.


Inside the Basilica.


Stained glass windows make great subjects on a foggy day, nice mutted light.


Good practice for working in low light.


We practically had the whole church to ourselves.


Mark photographing outside St. John's the Baptist Anglican Church, our second stop this morning.


The Pipe organ and the tour inside the church, thanks ladies for being such great hosts.


There are so many interesting points to photogaph, where do we start.


Images at Cape Spear.  This is the most easterly point in Canada. Photogrphing Reflections.

The foamy sea, despite the fog it was beautiful.


A little puddle can make big reflections.


Through the fog ... it guides you safely.


Gower Street, very colourful buildings.


Welcome Dinner, this evening.


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Posted by Rob on
I'd recognize that red hair and yellow jacket anywhere!
Jerry and Brian - don't let her steal all the good angles on that puddle reflection.
Posted by Lisette on
Nice pic of you Mark . Glad you made it safely and have a WONDERFUL trip. What a great way to view your travels.