Newfoundland Tour Day Three June 17th, 2011

June 17, 2011
Ferryland and Bay Bulls ... a Whale of a Day

The weather was in our favour today, which was perfect for our first time out on the Atlantic.  We started our day by visiting Ferryland, which is a 16th century French settlement known for it’s seasonal fishing.  We hiked the 35 minute trail out to the Ferryland lighthouse. We were not only treated to a beautiful view but a delicious picnic lunch by the Lighthouse Picnics.  They prepare fresh lunches right at the lighthouse, complete with home made bread and freshly squeezed lemonade served in a mason jar.  Thanks Jill.

After lunch we hiked back, (I think it’s a 35 minute walk on purpose, going out to work up an appetite, and walking back to wear off lunch).  We then took the 45 minute drive back down the coast to Bay Bulls where we took the O’Brien’s Whale Watching and Bird Tour.  What a great afternoon to have gone out.  At one point there were eight hump back whales around our boat.  After observing the whales for about an hour we then sailed to Gull Island which is a bird sanctuary with fines starting at $10,000.00 if you are caught landing on the island.  It is home to Puffins, Thin Billed Murres, Razorbills, Kittiwakes, Greater Black Backed Gulls and Herring Gulls just to name a few.  At one point as you sail along the island’s high walls you see tens of thousands of nesting birds.  Don’t look up with your mouth open.  All in all it was a very rewarding day for photography.

Tomorrow we pack up and depart for our next stop, Bonavista.  It will take us approximately 4 hours.  We will be making several photo stops along the way, including Elleston, the Root Cellar capital of the world.  We will also be visiting a location that offers more opportunities to photograph Puffins.

The fog has lifted, it is still over cast but if you compare this to yesterday, which I have reposted the image below, what a difference. You also now get to enjoy the true colourful city of St. John's.



This first series of images are from our 1.5 km trek to Ferryland Lighthouse.


Ferryland Lighthouse


The hike to the lighthouse was beautiful.


Each corner offered up a new image.


This was in the little inlet close to the hiking trail to the lighthouse.


In this shot right at the point you can see Terry taking a shot of the shores below.  Rob (you know who you are ... Gail and I also decided to add this shot as a challenge for you, as we both commented at the same time if you were here, you would be on the island taking shots back at us...)


Waiting for our picnic lunches ... after you place your order you are given a coloured flag to identify yourself when your lunch is delivered to you.  If you are outside they can easily find you.


After lunch we headed to Bay Bulls for our whale watching excursion.  The next series of shots were taken during our two hours of visiting the Bird Island and tracking the whales. Below are the Puffins.





Puffins in flight.


Your eyes are not playing tricks, these are all birds in this sho.


Two whales.


Puffen takes flight ...


More seabirds in flight.


Another whale getting ready for a deep dive.


Finally the last shot of the day, Patti since you are an east coast girl, the SSK and company had a statue dedicated to you during our visit.


Good night from all the trekkers as we prepare to move on to Bonavista in the morning.

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Posted by Gail Steer on
Nice pic girls!
Posted by Nancy Anne on
Nice to see that the SSK sense of humour is still going strong.
Posted by Wendy Tippin on
I absolutely love the shots of the puffins - especially the one of the puffin skipping across the water. Beautiful scenery!
Posted by Patti on
You found my statue!!!! I was a bit thinner and my hair was a bit longer when I posed for this one. Thanks for a good laugh.