Newfoundland Tour Day Four June 18th, 2011

June 18, 2011

St. John’s to Bonavista

With the sun breaking through and a warmer day we departed St. John’s to travel up the coast about four hours to our next location Bonavista.  Enroute we stopped by Elliston.  Elliston is this beautiful coastal village that not only offers up beautiful landscapes but offers first had views of the puffins.  The birds nest on a small island right next to the mainland and it is very easy to photograph them.  We spent a good portion of our afternoon visiting this region.

We then checked into our next hotel, were we will be staying for the next three nights.  This is a beautiful little hotel and is only a stones throw from the harbour.  

After dinner we took a 10 minute drive to Bonavista Point and did some evening sunset photos around the old lighthouse.  The sunset was a little on the bleak side but there was many photo opportunities including a site that has to be experienced.  Thousands of puffins returning to their nesting burrows, again on a small island right next to the lighthouse.

We are up and out at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow as we take the one hour drive to Trinity, were we meet up with Kris and Shawna from Sea of Whales Tours.  We will be doing our second whale watching excursion.  This time we will be going out in a 12 man zodiac.  We will be dividing up into two groups, one group going out in the morning and a second group in the afternoon.  We were supposed to go out on Monday, but we received a call from the tour owner Kris who said that tomorrow will be the better day as the winds are going to push more fog into the region and we would not see anything.

That’s it for this evenings post, we will be posting images of Trinity and our whale watching adventure tomorrow.  Good night from Bonavista, Newfoundland.

Group photo taken at Signal Hill in St. John's Newfoundland.


Signal Hill. Ela in the dog house oh sorry Guard House.


Now that's a shot with a Canon!!!


Before leaving St. John's this morning, we did a walk down Gower Street, which is also referred to as Jelly Bean Alley. It is called this because of the multi coloured buildings.  These brightly painted houses made for some great photos.







After leaving St. John's we took the four hour drive up the coast to our next destination, Bonavista.  Enroute we spent time photographing in Elliston.  We photographed shoreline and puffins.


There was activity all around us.  What a great experience.





This little guy had just about enough with the photographers and was sending us a message.


Some shots of the sea shore.




Interesting reflections at Bonavista Lighhouse.


B&W at the Bonavista Lighthouse.


Bonavista Harbour.


All the little black specs you see in the image below are puffins returning to their burrows.


That's it for this evening, good night from Bonavista, Newfoundland.

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