Newfoundland Tour Day Six June 20th, 2011

June 20, 2011

Tickle Cove, Bonavista, Photoshop and Rain

It was a very windy day here in Bonavista today, this evening we have almost gale force winds.  But that did not stop the photography.  We were scheduled to shoot in Dungeons National Park and up at the Bonavista Lighthouse this morning, but the winds were too strong.  So instead we took the 50 minute drive over to the other side of the Peninsula to take some images at Tickle Cove.  We had some light rain but were able to get out for a while and take some photos.  We kept away from the open waters of the shore and were more protected by the wind.  We were rewarded with some very interesting photo opportunities.  It is very surprising and satisfying how many great images and the different techniques you can apply to them on a rainy day.

We drove back to Bonavista for lunch, with hopes the winds would die down by the afternoon, but they mixed with rain which would have made for some very poor shooting conditions.  So instead we were able to use the conference room facilities and hold an afternoon workshop on Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop.  There were lots of questions and everyone came away with a few new tips and ways to use the software.

In the morning we pack up and depart for our journey to the west coast and to Gros Morne National Park.  The drive is approximately 8 hours so an early start is in order.  Good night from all of us in windy Bonavista.

The first series of images were shot in Tickle Cove, which is located about 50 minutes from Bonavista.  We moved inland to shoot today to try to avoid the strong winds.






That's a lobster fisherman coming into the harbour after checking and baiting his traps.  Check out the stream of sea gulls looking for some food.


These two shops are by Ela Kurowska who gave me them this evening to post to the blog.  As you can see the fisherman gave the birds some scraps.  Thanks Ela for the images.




We then made a stop as we traveled back to Bonavista and found this old abandoned gas station with some very old buildings behind it.  This made for another great photo stop.




In this series of shots, Sue Southon had applied some very creative techniques to make dull day images come alive. Great shots Sue.




Here's a prime example of how several people can be at the same location and see things differently.  This old gas pump which was offering gas at 75 cents a gallon or today that would be approximately 15 cents a litre became an interesting subject.




More images tomorrow night from beautiful Gros Morne National Park.  Good Night Everyone! 

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Posted by Nancy Anne on
Hope there wasn't too much gas in the tank or you will have a smelly 8 hr drive tomorrow!