Newfoundland Tour Day Eight June 22nd, 2011

June 22, 2011

Lobster Cove Lighthouse and Western Brook Pond

We had a good hiking day that is for sure.  We left our hotel at 9:00 a.m. this morning for our first stop of the day, which was at Lobster Cove Lighthouse.  The lighthouse overlooks Rocky Harbour and via stairs has easy access to the beach.  We spent three quarters of an hour there before moving on to our main point of the day Western Brook Pond.

We had a cold wind today so we prepared and dressed well for our 3.5 kilometer hike into the fjord.  The trail is a fairly easy walk and consists of board walks and gravel path ways.  There are very little hills and makes for an enjoyable hike.  As you cross the marshlands there are numerous signs explaining the areas around you and how they came to be.  We had the hotel pack box lunches, and they were a welcome treat once we reach the docks.  You see once you have hiked in then you take a boat which tours you through the fjords.  This is all fresh water here.  The cloudy skies and log fog on the mountains made for some great photography.

We were lucky on the way over to Western Brook Pond to see a moose crossing the road, but not as easy to photograph from the coach.  But Sue Smith got a great shot of a moose and her calf when we got off the boat at the end of our tour.  I’ve asked here to give me a copy so I can post it.

After our tour we hiked out and headed back to the hotel.  We are all having an early dinner tonight as by some it was decided to be a lobster fest night.  Some ate the lobster while others photographed and observed.  As you will see below fun was had by all.

Tomorrow we will be spending more time touring up and down the coast around Gros Morne, including Norris Point, Broom Hill and the wreckage of the S.S. Ethie, an steam ship that ran aground in the early 1900’s.  More images and stories tomorrow night.  Good Night from Gros Morne in Newfoundland.

Jerry Cornell gave me this photo to post.  At this point we had not seen any moose yet.


Our first stop today was Lobster Cove Lighthouse, which is located near Rocky Harbour.



A few more shots from around the lighthouse.



Here's a map showing the distance we hiked into the fjord today.  3.5 KM


Here are a few more shots from our morning hike.




This is were you hang on tight as you cross the river when hiking to Snuggle Cove.


A look back into the fjord.




Here is a shot of a moose and her calf, shot by Sue Smith.







The boats that take you out on Western Brook Pond.



Along the shore lines at Western Brook Pond.



This is called Pissing Mare Falls.



The start of Lobster Fest ... It all started a few nights ago when Brian tried Cod Tongue.  Then tonight came Lobster Fest.  The next few images are from the Lobster dinner.








That is it for tonights post.  Given the size a meal, a few of us should still be out walking.  Good Night from Rocky Harbour, Newfoundland.

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Posted by Nancy Anne on
Perhaps Brian has given up his penchance for domestic animals and moved on to Lobster or maybe Moose? Sure looks like fun....NA
Posted by Jane Valenti on
My mouth was watering, just thinking about having a bite of one of those lobsters.
It has been great following the blog, amazing photography Trekkers! Pangs of envy for missing the sites. However, the weather is hotter and sunnier here.
Keep up the great work James.
Posted by gail Steer on
Great pics everyone! I love the wildlife, especially the moose and of course the hare!
Keep it up! Yes, it is definitely warmer and humid here! It's about time.I miss lobster. One of my favourite dishes. We miss Newfoundland too!
Posted by Patti on
@NA: I think Brian is "game" for anything, moose or shellfish. I wish those lobster shots were scratch and sniff. I can't wait to wrap my tongue around some butter drenched lobster. Bring it home boys and girls.

Sue - great catch of the moose and her babe.
Posted by Dan on
Those cod tongues look scrumptious Brian bye! So jeleous. Great pics, now get back to work you slacker, the fairways need a cut back here in Ontario dontcha know!
Posted by USA on
Random hello from the USA! I was on the Western Brook boat tour with you guys (and I snapped a photo of that moose and her baby when we docked too! lol). Wow it was freezing that day - hot chocolate in that lodge never tasted better!

Keep up the great photography and enjoy your future travels!