Newfoundland Tour Day Nine June 23rd, 2011

June 23, 2011

Sally’s Cove, Broom Point, the Wreckage of the S.S. Ethie and Norris Point

Another day of exploring and photographing along the coast of Newfoundland.  We spent all our time today visiting small coves and points.  It is surprising how everyday items can be turned into beautiful images.

Our first stop this morning was Sally’s Cove a little fishing village.  Sally’s Cove is believed to named after Sally Short who, along with her children, were wrecked here while leaving her husband and took shelter in the cove.  When Gros Morne National Park was established, Sally’s Cove was designated as a park community and was to be settled.  Some residents refused to move, even though there was official encouragement and restrictions on building, selling and inheriting homes.  By the late 1980’s these restrictions were removed and Sally’s Cove became a park enclave community.   Sally’s Cove is best know for an incident in the 1971 provincial election.  In the October 27th election, 106  ballots were inadvertently burned by Sally’s Cove returning officer.  The election ended in a virtual tie and only one vote separated the candidates in the S. Barbe district.  This area has many interesting stories and history.

Next we visited the wreckage of the S.S. Ethie, a steam ship that ran aground on the rocks just off Martin’s Point during a severe storm on December 17th, 1919.  All onboard were rescued safely as folk form the nearby village saw the ship and rigged a rescue chair with cables to bring the children, women and men ashore.  One baby was packed into a mailbag for their safety.  The wreckage has been left on the shore line and what little remains makes for great images.

Our last stop of the morning was at Broom Point.  What an interesting location, the land and sea elements made for great images, but the still standing house and story of the three Mudge brothers and their families fished from the site from 1941 until 1975, when they sold the property to the national park.  With the family’s help the buildings have been restored and the story of fisherman’s life in Newfoundland has been preserved.  In the early years the family would come up to broom point a 6 hour trek from Noris point by boat for the summer fishing season.  The three families lived in the small house at the point and fished the ocean.  Local area interpreters tell the story of the site, the beauty, bounty of the sea and the harsh conditions of the fisherman unfold.

After lunch we visited Norris point, it was socked in by fog, but again many interesting things to photograph.  We have wrapped up today’s photos with another group shot that we took there and included our fantastic coach driver Randy.  Tonight is our farewell dinner at the Ocean View Hotel, then tomorrow we will tour along the coast visiting various points as we make our way to Deer Lake.  Included in tomorrows highlights are the beautiful tablelands.  Enjoy the evening and our shots from the day.

Our first series of images are from Sally's Cove.




Here's what happens when a moving auto encounters a moose!



Ela working the fishing boat, we did not tell her she was on dry land.







Fisherman using herring to bate their lobster traps, we got talking to the man on the left and he once lived in Woodstock, Ontario.  He still has a brother that lives there.


Our next stop was the wreckage of the S.S. Ethie, this is what she looked like in 1918. The rest of the images below are what she looks like on the shores of Newfoundland today.











Our next stop this morning was Broom Point and the Mudge fishing operation and family home.


This series were shot at Broom Point.


Our motor coach driver Randy, he has been great fun to have with us.  Thanks Randy for all your help.







Ross working on a Macro shot.


Brian on the look-out for moose.


This final series for today is Norris Point.


It was bound to happen sooner or later! Dave send bail money .... they want it in cod.


Anchors Away ... Fisherman Gail ready to hit the open seas.



Sue and James have joined the moose lodge ... James looks more like a deer caught in the headlights!





Brian Boyd photo photographed this Moose and her calf this afternoon.


Our last shot of the day was our official group shot at Norris Point, for the Newfoundland Tour.


Tomorrow we leave Gros Morne and head to our final destination Deer Lake.  We will be making stops along the coast line as we travel tomorrow.  Good Night from all the Trekkers here in Newfoundland.

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Posted by Jane on
You look great with horns James...a little devilish! Great photos, it has been a pleasure following you Trekkers on "The Rock".
Posted by Gail Steer on
Great shots! Glad you got the one of the moose and baby, Brian!
Posted by Nancy Anne on
re: James's antlers - it actually looks like you've got hair on top. Must be some sort of moose-oil that stimulates hair growth!
Safe trip home!