Polar Bear Photo Adventure Departs Nov 13th, 2011

November 09, 2011


Polar Bear Photo Trek to Churchill, Manitoba Nov 13th to 19th, 2011

The Photo Trekkers are off again, and this time our Photo Adventure takes us to Churchill, Manitoba to photograph the Polar Bears.

During this trek our photographers will have opportunities to photograph these amazing animals from Tundra Vehicles, Dog Sled and by Helicopter.

You are invited to check back daily, beginning Sunday Novebmer 13th through November 19th and follow our journey.  Each day we will be posting images and interesting stories about our trek.

As always we welcome your questions and comments don't be shy.

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Posted by Jill D. on
Have a great trip, I'm looking forward to the images from this one. Don't get to close to those bears Sue.

Posted by Lorna on
I cannot wait to see the photos from this adventure. Enjoy!
Posted by Robert on
This will be good for sure. Have a fun time, I look forward to the blog.
Posted by Sonya on
Have a great time Dad, enjoy this one for all of us. Can't wait to see photos and hear stories
Posted by Patti on
I fully expect that Rob Patterson would get this closeup if he's going. LOL Have a great time all and stay warm.
Posted by Bonnie on
Stay warm, I'll be checking in for the pics and the stories.
Posted by Claudia on
Have a wonderful trip...and keep the pictures coming. Wish I was tagging along.
Posted by Glenda on
This will be an exciting excursion to follow along.
Posted by Jerry Cornell on
Travel safely folks, have a great trip and we are sure looking forward to the blog. Do try to keep James out of trouble..!

Posted by Paula T on
Have a great time everyone, I'm sure we are in for some great photos. All of us at the office will be following along again.
Posted by Michelle on
I'm excited for you and I look forward to enjoying the trip vicariously while I stay warm :)
Posted by Gail Steer on
Have a great time everyone! You know Bob and I would be there if we could! 

Brian, I expect some good dog sled pics and maybe you could sneak home one of the dogs too, LOL! I am hoping to do some dog sledding in the future. 
Can't wait to see your pics! 
We'll be thinking of you!
Posted by Gail Nichol on
Looking forward to the photos, wish I was going with you. James & Brian you know your mission, make sure Ela and Sue don't fight HAHAHAHA !!!!! and if the arm wrestling happens we want photos. Take care and enjoy.
Posted by Nancy Anne on
You may have to suffer for your art but don't freeze your #$@^$%& off, remember that's Polar Bear not Bare. Have a great time everyone!
Posted by Jane on
I'll be following your chilly trail! I look forward to seeing the polar bears. Keep safe, have lots of fun and don't freeze your butts off!