Polar Bear Photo Tour - On the tundra with the bears -
Day Five
November 17, 2011

Polar Bear Photo Tour Churchill - On the Tundra with the Polar Bears - Day Five

An extremely cold and windy day here in Churchill today.  The -35C windchill did not stop us and after breakfast we headed out of town to spend another day in the Tundra Vehicles looking for polar bears.  Despite the near white out conditions and things are freezing up here very quickly still made for a fun and interesting day of shooting.  And the wind and cold did not stop the bears.  Our driver of the Tundra Vehicle Lisa, gave Collin the opportunity this evening to actually drive this massive wheeled monster on the way back to the base.  There is an image of the newest Tundra driver.  Great work Collin.

It has been an interesting experience visiting Churchill as we arrived to the first couple of days being fairly mild, then we got to witness first hand how fast things can change and freeze up.  When down by Hudson Bay today, there was ice now as far as your eye could see.  This will also mean within the next few days the polar bears will be out on the ice and gone.

We’ve had a great time here and thanks to all the folk from Churchill as they really make you feel welcome into their community.  It’s been a great trek with not only many rewarding images, but yet again another chance as we travel to have made new friends and created some long lasting memories.

We have some free time here in Churchill in the morning as we don’t fly out until 11:30 a.m. then some additional free time in Winnipeg and then we will wrap things up with a farewell dinner.

In the mean time enjoy the images from today’s trek and good night from Churchill.

The first image for todays blog was shot first thing this morning by Harold Watling of two dog sled pups waiting for a good home.  Thanks Harold.


Ela and Brian heading out for our day on the Tundra.  Notice how much room is in these vehicle’s.


This shot and the next one will give you an idea of how fast weather conditions change up here.  If you look back on the blog to the first day out on the Tundra you will see quite a difference, including very little ice.


Another shot of the tundra and winter approaches.


This was the first polar bear we came upon this morning.  I think he even wanted to be shaded from the wind.


This is the tundra lodge again, visibility dropped to next to nothing a few times today.  Also keep in mind we are right on the coast of Hudson Bay.


Then out of the snow this female polar bear came in off the iced up bay mouth to check us out.


Notice the powerful snout to get a good sniff.  The rely on their sense of smell.


The new snow made for a great backdrop today.



Here you go Brenda, you were asking about Coke and the the polar bears.  Collin was in the right spirit.


Hello she says, you taking photos of me???


I put this shot in so you could take a close look at the polar bears hind feet.  Look at the massive size of the foot pad.


Always following a scent.


Another bear moves in for a close look.


Moving into the willow’s to check us out.


Now she moves through the deeper snow to by pass the vehicle.


Then at the last second bounds the rest of the way up the hill.


A couple more in the sequence.


All the feet are in the air!


This shows you how fast these guys can move.  Now you see why so much safety has to be exercised around the bears.


Another polar bear passes by.


Here’s a couple of bears trying to stay out of the wind and have a sleep.


We drove in the tundra vehicle down the coast and here’s a shot of the Ithicia.  You can barely see her today with the snow and wind.


Here’s a panoramic shot of the barren tundra.


Coming back to the base tonight, Lisa our driver let Collin drive the tundra vehicle.  Great job Collin.


Before we left the tundra vehicle tonight we posed for a group photo.  That’s to the Great White Bear Tour company for making our tundra experience a great one.


One last shot of the evening and this was provided by Harold Watling.  A good night shot from the windy streets of Churchill.


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Posted by Claudia Hepburn on
What a great adventure. I've been waiting each night to see what You saw that day. Great sled dog shot Ela. Great shots everybody. I can't imagine going out in that cold. Have a great trip home. Claudia Hepburn
Posted by Claire Kett on
Thank you for sharing your daily adventures each evening w your amazing photos. I especially love the up close & personal polar bear shots of today. What a awesome experience ! Safe trip home all of you.
Posted by Bill Hall on
What an amazing trip! It has been a treat to follow your adventures each day. I've really enjoyed the great images. Have a safe trip home.
Posted by Gail Nichol on
Great photos folks. It has been great reading about your trip and seeing the pictures. I can't wait to hear all the stories. Have a safe trip back.
Posted by Shari on
I am at loss for words! Such majestic animals. Your pictures are more than amazing. I also am looking forward to hearing about your adventures. Safe travels home to all.
Posted by Gail Steer on
Great pics! Hey Brian, I like those pups! Hope they're warm enough. Just want to snuggle with them! Do you think they'd notice if you brought them home?
Posted by Bill Coombes on
Glad, James that your on your way back safely. I felt bad I wasn't there with you,to watch your back. Good photos.