Polar Bear Photo Tour - Homeward Bound - Day Six

November 18, 2011

Polar Bear Photo Tour Churchill - Homeward Bound - Day Six

The photo trekkers are now back in Winnipeg.  We left Churchill at 11:30 a.m. this morning for our 2 hour and 20 minute flight back to Winnipeg.  To say the least -4 C in Winnipeg was a balmy morning to arrive back to.  It is without saying the cold is part of the Churchill experience and when dressed right an enjoyable one.

Everyone had some free time this morning in Churchill and then the balance of the day in Winnipeg.  We got together for a farewell dinner and slide show tonight.  The show was the images from our weeks trek, combining some fun shots and one or two of the Polar Bears.  

We fly out in a multiple of directions tomorrow, with photographers heading west and east.  I would like to thank everyone that joined me this week on our Polar Bear Trek and to everyone who followed our trek on the blog.  It was fun for the group to read though the comments each day as we shared our journey.

We are up early and back to the airport by 7:00 a.m. for our final leg of the journey home.  Enjoy a few more pics from today and good night from Winnipeg.

This shot was as we prepared for take off from Churchill.

Collin, Brain and Sam as we wait for our flight from Churchill.  The debate is will we be moved from gate 1 to gate 2 ....


Leslie and Sue as we wait.  They have decided it's going to be Gate 2 but are ready to walk the 3 feet to Gate 1 if there should be a change.


This was the last polar bear we saw.  He is in a display case at the airport.


Back in Winnipeg this evening we had our farewell dinner and a slide show from the tiip.  It was Steve our Churchill guide's last tour of the season so he flew back with us and joined in on the dinner.


As we wrap up the blog for this tour, here are two more shots of the Polar Bears.  Thanks again it was great travelling and photographing with all the photograpers that join in on this trekkers tour. Polar Bears day one on the Tundra.


Polar Bears day one on the tundra ...



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Posted by Jane on
Tomorrow, homeward bound for you all. Safe travels. Pictures were amazing! I am sure we will be hearing about the experience for a very long time. For those bound for London, it is supposed to be around +13 on Sunday...back to the tropics!! Thanks for sharing your amazing Trek.
Posted by Ross Blakey on
A wonderful journey cool as it was! Hope you all came home with giga bytes of pictures much like those bear's paws. Huge things they are and a wonder that the seal's fate is pretty much done with one swipe of those paws. A great adventure enjoyed by all, even those who didn't go...

Posted by Trudy on
Loved the Blog and all the wonderful pictures. Thanks very much for sharing your adventure with us.
Posted by Glenda on
It was great to follow your trip. Those bears are quite amazing. I now think this is a place I would love to travel to sometime. Have a safe trip home.
Posted by Denise on
Hello Fellow Churchill Visitors
I met a couple of you folk in Gypsy's, thank you for giving me your blog address it has been great to look through your photos. This was a great experience and my friend and I are glad we did the trip. Best wishes from Boston.

Posted by Betty Ann on
Too bad my entertainment for each evening has gone home. If anyone forgot anything I will go back to Churchill with you to retrieve it! I enjoyed the blog from Churchill the most of any so far. Great shots everyone.
Posted by Bill on
Another great trip. I agree with the comment above I enjoy checking in each evening and following the trip. Your blogs are great, and long may they continue.
Posted by Dave Chidley on
It has been Un-Bear-able sitting here looking at your photos, wishing I was there. 

Looks like it was a fantastic trip.