Sedona Tour Day One April 14th, 2011

April 14, 2011


Sedona Photo Tour

Arrived in Sedona April 14th, 2011

We have arrived safe in Sedona and for all those who joined us the last time here I’m sad to report it was a one gate only experience.

The weather here topped out in the 80’s today and after lunch we spent some time photographing cactus enroute to Sedona.  We are currently getting settled into our hotel and preparing to go out for a sun set shoot.  We are three hours behind Ontario time.

Will post a few more images when we return from sunset and dinner, but here are a few for you to look at from our journey and while out and about today.

Dave, Paul our Great Canadian Coach Driver and James set to go ...


Stuart ready for the Sedona Adventure ... Welcome Stuart on your first trek.


Stephen capturing an image on his iphone from his hotel balcony.


Dave trying new hair styles for James ... 


Dan taking a few shots before we head out to Bell Rock for sunset photography.


Cactus close-up, a stop along the highway enroute to Sedona.


Interesting structure ... Dave's creative side.


Jack double checking our directions.


Dave had a close encounter with the prickly kind, in fact a few of us backed into a cactus or two...


Deb ... watch were you are walking they are pretty but prickly.


Jerry ... Great to have you with the group again, I'm sure you'll come home with some great shots!


Cactus and more flowering prickles ... beautiful for our first day.


This evening we visited Bell Rock for Sunset Images, the orange glow in the sky added to the beauty of the shots.


Sue waiting for just the right light.


Marian having fun at the sunset shoot, welcome this is her first trek with the group.


Every corner as you climb is a rewarding shot. 


Peter and Deb enjoy the rose coloured sunset as it illuminates Bell Rock


That's it for this evening folks.  It's been a great day with many shots added to the memory cards.  Tomorrow we are headed to Oak Creek Canyon in the morning, and West Fork Canyon in the afternoon.  

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Posted by Brenda F-P on
What! Only one gate? Maybe we can arrange more for your return trip home -LOL, I'll get right on that.
Posted by Patti on
Well, it's about time. :0) I've been waiting for my daily entertainment. Dave, can you get a shot of Jamie sitting on one of those cacti? Sounds like you're off to a great start despite the lack of aerobic exercise at the airport.
Posted by Kathy Cowie on
Great images so far have fun and enjoy, everyone.
Posted by Ross on
Wow!!! I'll enjoy this blog!!

I'm home now from hospital with one final dosage of IV antibiotics, actually though the port-a-cath. Doing fine and great to be home. Lousy weather Saturday in the forecast but I'm looking forward to it.

Will await the next entry with bated breath!!
Posted by Shari on
Great photos! I am looking forward to many more. Love the prickly photos. Great to hear you are at home Ross. What was that growing out of your head James? Travel safe and keep shooting!
Posted by Randy on
Dave and Jamie, Lighten up on your photo time in front of the camera. You look pretty dour compared to your driver Paul. Otherwise, I am quite entertained and informed by your blogs. You are spreading the cheer to the far reaches. Have a great trip.