Sedona Tour Day Two April 15th, 2011

April 15, 2011

We departed this morning at 8:30 a.m. this morning for our first photo shoot of the day at Red Rock Crossing or also know as Oak Creek Canyon.  If you have ever seen images of Sedona they probably were shot here, the landscape is one of the most photographed areas.  So this mornings assignment to the photographers on the tour, were to look beyond the obvious and photograph the unusual.  It was a great challenge with some pretty impressive results.

The weather co-operated again today with mostly blue skies and temperatures around 74 degrees.  The morning was spent photographing reflections in pools of water, exploring the creeks and yes the occasional wet foot was experienced.  

After lunch we visited one of the most beautiful regions in Sedona, West Fork Canyon.  The combination of high canyon walls, mid days sun and a fast moving creek running through the canyon floor made for some great photography.

We hiked deep into the canyon criss crossing the creek, photographing the different landscapes as we hiked along.  There are no formal bridges in the creek, so the balancing act on rock and crossing on fallen logs added to the experience.

This evening was our welcome dinner which is a tradition dating back to our first ever photo tour, which was here in Sedona.  Tonight we ate at the Golden Goose and had an excellent meal.  Thanks to all the staff for making us feel so welcome.  

Tomorrow is an early start as the group is going out at 5:30 a.m. for sunrise images at Airport Mesa.  This is a large land mass approximately 1100 feet above Sedona, and at the top is the airport.  This will give us a perfect vantage point for sunrise images.  After breakfast we will board our coach and head for Jerome, King Gold Mine and Montezuma’s well.

Close up of water splashing over the creek rapids and the light from the sun catching the water droplets. Nice shot Dave!


Setting your camera f stop to F22 gives you a starburst.


Christine is never stumped for photo ideas.!!!!


Sidney this is for you ... re-living Sedona 2007 memories.


The last member of our group a little late in arriving ... but just made it for the group photo.  Christine joined us from Edmonton for the tour, and due to a snow storm yesterday, she was re-routed via Vancouver.  Glad you made it Christine.  This shot was taken at Red Rock Crossing during our morning session.


Christine and Sue shoot Cathedral Rock early this morning.


Ron and Rob at West Fork Canyon.


Joyce making an easy creek crossing.


Rob using his tripod to balance as he crosses the river.


Keep that tripod high Dan!, you don't want it to get wet!


The reflections were amazing, Stuart composing a shot.


Joyce relaxing after the morning shoot!!


Setting up for another group photo ... Dave's assistant having some fun.


Sedona Photo Tour Group April 15, 2011 at West Fork Canyon


That's it for tonight folks, Good Night from Dave, James and the Photo Trekkers in Sedona.

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Posted by Nancy Anne on
Rob looks a little like Gandalf with his staff. It also looks like a merry groug - stay safe and have a great time!...NA
Posted by Claire Kett on
The scenery is awesome. Looks like everyone is having a great time. Enjoy your trip. Have fun & be safe. Claire