Sedona Tour Day Three April 16th, 2011

April 16, 2011

What an experience ... today we visited Jerome, Arizona.  This once abandon mining village that has been revised into a centre for vintage hotels, artisans and home to the location we visited King Gold Mine and Ghost Town.  The collection of vintage cars, trucks, machinery and just about anything else you can think of that has been recycled or rescued as a treasure is on display or available to photograph at this remote part of Jerome.  I might also add the town is at an elevation of close to 6,000 feet about sea level.  Don the owner was there to welcome the photographers as we set out to spend the morning shoot capturing the old and wonderful.  Patti H. eat your heart out.  Dave’s assignment this morning was details details, which simply meant get close and closer again.

After a lunch in the village we were back on the road to visit Montezuma’s Well.  This beautiful well of water was occupied 800 years ago by early Indians.  Their dwellings can still be seen along the walls of the crater.  The water in the crater is fed from under ground springs and runs a constant 76 F year round.  The lush plant life and vegetation are an amazing contrast to the surrounding desert.

This evening was spent relaxing, photographing the sunset and almost full moon and a walk by most of the group to a place we enjoyed when we visited Sedona on the last tour.

Tomorrow morning after breakfast we pack up and depart to spend the next two days in the Grand Canyon.  This will be a totally different photographic experience than Sedona.

Below are a selection of images from todays shoot, check back to tomorrows post as we continue to sort our images we will post a fairly large photo blog.  Good night from Dave, James and the Photographers in Sedona, AZ.

5:30 a.m. Airport Messa Sunrise Photo Shoot, 1000 feet above Sedona.


Just after sunrise several hot air balloons appeared from behind a canyon bute.


The early morning sunrise paints the red rock.  A chilly but beautiful experience.


A humming bird captured by Dave in the wilds of Arizona.


Who's reflection is who?   Susan and Dave at the morning shoot in Jerome.


Old Shell Gas Tanker ... Up Close!


Ron gets the low down on the ghost town from his new pal Pedro Gonzales-Gonzales-Gonazles the donkey.


Deb and Joyce working on the up close details shots.  Each taking their photography in different directions!


The group posing by an old fire truck after the morning shoot.  A big hand to these extinguished photographers!


The beauty of nature at Montezuma's Well during our afternoon shoot.


That's if for this evening ... we will post more tomorrow evening from the Grand Canyon. 

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Posted by Patti on
Gorgeous sunrise! Keep 'em coming Jamie.
Posted by Brenda F-P on
You had to go and mention that four letter word. You'll be happy to know that it is snowing here in Ontario so you should be safe at the Canyon. Please do bring back the warmer weather. Really enjoyig your posts.
Posted by Ross on
Great shooting gang!!! I'm with you on this... yeah, would be nice to be there in person but maybe some day... As Brenda mentioned, snow is coming down by the bucket full here today. Huge fluffy flakes, but at least they are not lasting long on the green grass. Comes and goes, another flurry just starting now as I type this. Bring some of that warm sunshine back eh guys!! Looking forward to the Grand Canyon shots. James certainly has you all filling up those SD's and CF's in a hurry I'm sure... Take care and keep those shutters clicking...
Posted by B on
Q. Had lunch with your sister NA today while it was snowing out with temps around +3. Hail in Westmount. Enjoy your warm sunny weather. B.
Posted by B on
Rob. Have you found any belly dancers yet? B.
Posted by Claire Kett on
Great photos, I especially love the sunrise ones & the humming
bird shot is awesome. Good job !! It's snowing up here in Ontario today & yesterday so enjoy your sunny location. Love these daily photo posts.