Sedona Tour Day Four April 17th, 2011

April 17, 2011

We are now at Yavapai Lodge within the Grand Canyon National Park.  From our lodge it is about a 15 minute walk to the rim of the canyon.  The weather here today was beautiful 67 F with a small amount of clouds.  

We arrived in Grand Canyon at lunch time, and after having something to eat headed out to Shoshone Point to spend the afternoon shooting at the canyon rim.  This region is fairly remote and unknown to most visitors to Grand Canyon.  The hike in from the parking lot is approximately half a mile on a dirt road.  Once reaching the rim the reward is the most beautiful view of the Grand Canyon.  For those that are not bothered with height there is a vista that jets out from the rim approximately 200 yards with the steeps sides allowing an interesting view of the rim and the canyon below.  We spent the entire afternoon at the point.

This evening after dinner we hiked back to the rim near our lodge for sunset photography. It was a beautiful sunset with a slight cloud cover.  After shooting the sunset and it getting darker we spent some additional time painting with flash and L.E.D. lights.  The trees in the foreground were our subject and the last of the setting sun gave us the background.  Tonight is a full moon and on the way back to the lodge, we stopped to try capturing some images of the beautiful glow in the sky.

Tomorrow we will be heading about twenty-five miles from the Grand Canyon Village to Desert View Watchtower.  This location promises to be rewarding with other vantage points of the Canyon and this very interesting watchtower.  There will be many photo opportunities.

As we were walking back to the lodge this evening the talk was that some of the group were walking back to the rim around 5:30 a.m. to capture sunrise images.  It will be another fun day for sure, we will have more images ready to share again tomorrow evening.  Dave and James.

Below are some more images from yesterday and today at Grand Canyon.

Stephen checking his exposures during the sunrise shoot at Airport Mesa.


Deb and Peter enjoying the sunrise.


Rob and his new friend at King Gold Mine.


Sue and James during the fire drill.


Jerry ... a "tired photographer"


Barb and Ron take five during the King Gold Mine Photo Shoot.


Jerry bouncing into action.


Many opportunities for up-close images during the shoot, amazing the details you can create in simple images.


James realizes he has a dead pixel! RIP  ... Really Interesting Punster


Set your camera at f22 and let the star bursts begin.


Sue enjoying the beauty of Shoshone Point at Grand Canyon


Rob continuing with his cutting edge photography .. well some edge.


Panorama shot - The photographers at Shoshone Point.


Christine leading some of the photographers in shutter finger exercises.


Photography on the edge ... dedicated to Bob "Death Valley 2010"


OK - Keeping with tradition to Grand Canyon we found some snow ... but not as much as we heard home got today.


Sunday night sunset at the Grand Canyon Rim.


HDR shot of the sunset.


As the sun started to fade into the horizon, the group did some painting with light exercises.  This was multiple flash bursts.


Painting with two L.E.D. flash lights, makes for an interesting result.


The Glow of the full moon.


That's it for this evening ... Good Night from all of us at the Grand Canyon.

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Posted by Kelly on
Laughing at the casket pic James....but where's the outhouse shot??? so sure you would have done a Bob Steer re-enactment there!!
Posted by Terry Lennox on
I am so absolutely jealous of everyone in Arizona. The weather looks wonderful as apposed to what we have here in the banana belt - snow. However the snow in the canyon when we were there created some interesting shots. 
Looking forward to the slot canyon pictures.
Posted by Christina Jonas on
Hi Dave,
What fabulous photographs! And weather. Here we are still in a deep freeze. I actually wore mittens this morning. And I'm sure you heard about the snow flurries on the weekend.
Know that your students did come to see me today, assignments in hand! Who knows if they all showed up.
Just to bring you back down to earth, it looks like you will have lots of marking to do when you get back. Lucky boy!