Sedona Tour Day Six April 19th, 2011

April 19, 2011

We departed Grand Canyon early this morning taking the two hour motor coach journey to Page, Arizona.  We will spend the next couple of days photographing Lower Antelope Canyon.  

The slot canyons have been carved out by the elements over millions of years, leaving behind these beautiful curved rock faces that run approximately 95 to 100 feet below the surface.  Depending on the time of day they offer up an amazing variety of colours and textures.  Some of the canyon is narrow and would be no wider than one foot and in other places to large size chambers were you could park a small car.  Around each corner is a challenge as the intensity of the light requires a delicate balance between shutter speed and exposure.  Tripods were a must.

We had plenty of time for our photography, arriving at 11:30 a.m. and shooting in the canyon until 3:45 p.m.  En-route to the canyon this morning Dave and James gave a commentary and pointers on the slot canyons.

After our visit to Lower Antelope Canyon we checked into our hotel were we will be staying for the next couple of nights.

Tomorrow we will be packing up our gear and returning to Lower Antelope Canyon for another photo shoot.  We will be at the canyon by 8:30 a.m. and have plenty of time for another day of photography this time working with the morning light.  After lunch we will drive to Horseshoe Bend for some landscape photography at this well know and popular lookout.  We will also be holding our farewell dinner tomorrow evening.

That’s it from Page, Arizona, good night from all the photographers and as always, don’f forget to leave your comments below.

Stephen, Christine, Sue, Susan, Stuart and Peter reviewing the past few days blog entries.


Some of the group returning from their 5:00 a.m. photo shoot out at the rim of Grand Canyon.


Alice is this lovely Navajo lady Dave met at a coffee stop today.


Red Rock mountain range in the town of Gap, Arizona.


Dave and Barb, morning bus stop break.


Susan and Marian getting ready to enter the slot canyon.


Rob in Lower Antelope Canyon.


The beauty of the Canyon.


Leading lines and curves of Antelope Canyon make for interesting shots.


Kim working her way through the Canyon, the lighting was perfect today.


It is hard to put your camera down, there is another interesting image as you turn the next corner.


Kim working on her shot, the canyon has many steps and ladders.


Marian lining up her shot.


Another beautiful angle.


Val working on her shots, the group spread out as not to get into each others images.


The blue sky reflects in Sue's lens as she takes the shot.


Peter working with a single focal length in the slot canyon today, and another lens tomorrow.


Sage bush on the canyon floor.


Rob, Susan, Stephen and some of the others as we entered the Canyon. 


James shooting the top of the canyon.


Check out the depth of the Canyon, you need to take lots of time to work on your shots.


The back of Bob as he moves through the Canyon.


Susan, Stephen and Marian try some different angles.


One of the Canyon Guides.


The canyon also looks good in black and white.


The light as it bounces around the canyon.


Another black and white of the canyon.


Christine and Sue climbing out of the Canyon.


Peter and Deb emerge from this underground wonder.


Sue and James taking up the rear.


This is our official Group Photo of the Tour - Antelope Canyon, Page, Arizona April 19, 2011


We will post more of our adventure tomorrow, good night from Dave, James and the Trekkers group in Antelope Canyon.  

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Posted by Ryan Cowie on
Looks like your having fun Dad and some really cool shots!
Posted by Brenda F-P on
Congrats Dave on getting the portrait shot. I remember the one that got away the last Sedona trip and still wish we could have found a way to get the shot.

The canyon looks as beautiful as ever. These images confirm that this is indeed a place I will need to visit once again.

Heading out to shoot - enjoy your day!
Posted by Doreen C on
Wow the canyon shots are truly amazing wish I was there. The weather looks fantastic not like here in Ontario lol!
Posted by James on
Happy Birthday Stuart from all your fellow trekkers.