Galapagos Islands Day 6

December 19, 2017 at 7:44 PM


Map showing our location on Floreana and overnight sailing to Espanola


Galapagos Islands - Day 8 Island of Floreana & Post Office Bay

Overnight we arrived and anchored offshore the island of Floreana. We are now located at the south most islands of the Galapagos which offer up a different view of how the islands have evolved. These islands are the oldest islands and through continental drift have moved the furthest away from the volcanic centre, if fact given the direction of drift the islands are sinking deeper into the depths of the ocean. This morning we visited and photographed Gardiner Bay then in the afternoon we did a zodiac ride along the shore and some of the smaller islands before landing at Post Office Bay. Post Office Bay still houses a make shift post office assembled by whalers over 150 years ago. They would drop letters into water tight barrels addressed to loved ones at home, then passing ships headed in that direction would pick up the letters and deliver them home. That tradition continues today and we did the same thing. We found post cards from London, Ontario and Toronto, Ontario and brought them home to hand deliver or mail to the folk that visited before us. Then hopefully someday ours will be returned to us too. Overnight we will sail to Espanola. The link below takes you to todays Gallery of images.

Link to our Galapagos Tour Gallery from the Island of Floreana



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OMG! There is still only 1 flamingo!
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