Galapagos Islands Blog Day Two

June 18, 2015 at 11:54 PM

We were treated to a beautiful sunrise as we arrived at the island of Santa Fe. As with most of the islands they have several names and this one is also called Barrington Island after the British Admiral Samuel Barrington. We arrived onto the beach at 7:00 am on what we call a wet landing, which means we had to get out of our zodiacs into the water close to shore. The water was up to our knees.

As we arrived on the beach there were a large number of sea lions scattered over the landing area. Mostly asleep I might add.  After a considerable amount of time photographing on the beach we took a small sandy trail inland in search of the land iguanas, birds and the prickly pear cactus. It was a successful morning of photography.

Later in the morning we returned to our ship for snacks and a morning swim off the back deck of our boat. After lunch our ship repositioned to the other side of Santa Fe where we took the zodiacs into Black Turtle Cove. This inlet is surrounded by mangroves and is only accessible by small boats. This shallow cove is a haven for young marine life. As the sun started to set the group was rewarded with many photo opportunities. This evening we sail through the night for Santiago Island. Enjoy todays selection of images.

The map shows our first nights sailing, all our long sailings are at night


Galapagos sunrise


The first group landing on Santa Fe at 7:00 this morning


Everyone is still asleep!!!


Christine has an opportunity to get up close to this little guy


No lack of photography on the beach


Oyster Catcher walking up the beach


Kim photographing the sea lions


You would not think this would be comfortable


Morning kiss


It’s been an hour and we are still on the beach


Not the best shot but gives you an idea of how the Blue Footed Booby bird dives for fish


I’m still sleepy but the trail is that way ...


Prickly pear cactus


Bill photographing a baby sea lion and ... how did it get up there?


Land Iguana feeding on the brush


Another Land Iguana warming up in the early morning sun


Male lizard, the males have a red tummy


Mocking bird with its morning catch head back to its cactus nest


Close-up of a Prickly Pear Cactus, they flower right after a rain


Morning ....


Bruce cooling off with a morning swim


Karen’s turn, the water was between 23C and 25C


Sabrina, Nancy and Omar taking a selfie under our ship’s back deck


Omar diving off the top deck, inset just before hitting the water


Rob diving off the second deck ... the judges gave it a 7 - 8 and 8.9!


Frigate birds following our ship as we repositioned to Turtle Cove


Sabrina and a Frigate bird also called by the locals a Pirate Bird as they steal fish


Another Frigate up-close


Part of the group heading into Black Turtle Cove this afternoon


Ever had a stare down with a pelican?


Mangrove trees full of White Egrets


Egrets in flight, it was amazing to see


You had to be quick as the tortoise only pop their heads up for a moment


Some places in the cove are pretty tight


It was amazing to see the size of these guys as they came to the surface


Here’s another


Another beautiful sunset as we left Black Turtle Cove


Back to our ship for supper, briefing and bed. 6:30 comes early


That’s it for this todays Galapagos adventure, more tomorrow as tonight we sail for the island of Santiago. Good night from all the Trekkers in the south pacific.


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Posted by Lisa on
Wow ... what a beautiful series of shots.
Posted by Patrick Mayes on
Looks like another great day. I always enjoy the photos from your tours.
Posted by carol cooley on
What a way to see the islands. Your photos are fantastic and sunrise is the nicest I've ever seen. Can't wait to see tomorrow's installment. Have a good night.
Posted by Richard on
Looks like everyone is having a great time. These are great.
Posted by Deb on
Another great day, I'm enjoying the blog.
Posted by Vicky on
What beauty! Thanks for sharing! Hi Ann Marie......
Posted by Charlene on
Fantastic pictures, so would like to do this, hopefully on another excursion.
Posted by Charlene on
Fantastic pictures, would so like to do this trip, hopefully on another excursion.
Posted by Gail Nichol on
Wow great photos and well worth the wait!!!!! I will have to go on this trip one of these times.
Posted by Brian on
Hope to be on the next trip there - June '16.
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