Galapagos Islands Blog Day Five

June 21, 2015 at 10:35 PM

Overnight we arrived to the Island of Bartolmé and anchored in the bay overlooking Pinnacle Rock... It was a dry landing on the now inactive volcanic island, but there was plenty of heat as we climbed the 360 plus steps to the top. It was not that bad since every few steps you wanted to stop for another landscape shot. AND once we reached the top the view was beautiful and well worth the hike.

Pinnacle Rock is an impressive lava structure that towers high about the island. The island also hosts and array of wildlife, including the Galapagos penguins, sea lions and sea turtles. We also had opportunity this afternoon to go snorkeling. 

Later in the afternoon we made another dry landing on the lava flows. It was just like we were visiting another planet. Each of the islands in the Galapagos formed from volcanos  and this really gives you an idea of how the all these islands begun.  Here are the selection of images from todays activities. Enjoy.

Map showing our overnight sailing


Anchored in the bay and ready to start our day


View of the bay and Pinnacle Rock as we hiked up the stairs to the top of the volcano


It was not all stairs, some beautiful boardwalks too, Bill and Sabrina taking a few shots


 The boardwalk from the landing dock, Omar in the foreground 


Such an interesting landscape


The stairs and board walks make this difficult landscape easy to navigate


A male lizard greets us part way up


This panorama gives you a good idea of our hike, the views were amazing


Another panorama as we approached the final climb to the top


The last set of stairs, Omar and Sabrina are just about there


The view from the top, the black lava flows top left is were we hiked in the afternoon


You can see the different parts the volcano from the top


Bill and Karen pose for a shot, looking good folks


A B&W HDR shot from the top


After we came back down we took a boat ride into the cove


Then we came upon this lone Galapagos Penguin


He looks pretty relaxed


Relaxed and happy to pose for us


One more shot before we carried on


As we sailed into a small cove this heron was busy fishing


Another shot of the heron


Chef prepared an cool arrangement at lunch today


We seemed to have picked up an hitch hiker


I guess this was a great place to relax


Photographing the lava flows this afternoon


Looks like another planet


Bill and Nancy taking a few shots as we hiked across the flows


An HDR B&W of the lava flows to wrap up tonights selection of images


That’s it for this evening, we hope you have enjoyed todays adventure here in the Galapagos. This evening after supper we set sail for the island of Rábida. Good night from the 16 photographers in the Galapagos.


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Posted by Michelle Rondeau on
Great shots evoking wonderful memories. Thanks James! Greeting to the group with special hellos to Nancy, Christine, Kim and Anne Marie...and YOU of course :)
Posted by Carol Cooley on
You are a hardy bunch. All those stairs. Love the birds and lizard and that sea lion what a funny critter. Love the lava flow and views. the last b & w image looks prehistoric. Thank you so much for sharing.
Posted by Shirley Barr on
I am so enjoying all your photos and following you on your trip. I am going their in July and am even more excited now after following your trip.
Posted by Linda on
Beautiful views, great to see the penguins, I hear they are not as many as used to be on islands. Great pics, continue to enjoy your trip.
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