Galapagos Islands Blog Day Eight

June 24, 2015 at 4:28 PM

Through the night we have sailed back to where we started to the port on San Cristobal Island. After breakfast this morning we finished packing and prepared for our departure from our home away from home while visiting the islands.

Once on San Cristobal Island our luggage headed for the airport and took a bus to the other side of the port to visit the National Park Interpretive Centre. It was a great presentation of how the islands were formed and the different species came to live on each of the very unique islands. After our tour of the centre we had a few hours to enjoy the port and take a few more photos. Then this evening we flew back to the mainland and on to Quito for our last night in the Galapagos. Here are a few images from today.

Map showing our overnight sailing back to San Cristobal


This is a large wall map in the interpretive centre showing in detail all the islands


This lizard was on the wall as we walked through the centre


More beautiful flowers as toured the island


The beach overlooking the harbour


Nancy, sea lion and the harbour as a backdrop


Sea lion close up


Interesting cactus


Casa Playa Mann


Garden gate framed by flowers


I think the game is called Prick Tac Toe


A diving Blue Footed Booby in the harbour - they actually inflate a cell around their brain that acts like a helmet when they dive, this protects then against the impact of the water


As you can see they look almost like a dart by the time they hit the water


Another beautiful flower


Sea lions playing in the harbour


They were jumping pretty high


On more


Interesting mosaic


Kathy and Kim our twins meet our Captain’s twin


Sabrina relaxing with some new found friends


That’s it for this evening as we fly back to the mainland for our farewell dinner and final night in Quito. Check back tomorrow for our final day and a selection of images submitted by our members to share with you. Good night from the islands.


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Posted by Michelle Rondeau on
Great shots! Thanks, James, for sharing those, those, the map and the blog. "Roomie", I look forward to hearing about your second visit, and Christine, about this wonderful new experience for you.
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