Iceland Photo Tour - Monday July 8th, 2013

July 09, 2013 at 2:39 AM

We woke up this morning to Iceland style rain and fog.  The rain was light but the fog was quite heavy and made it difficult to see the mountains as we traveled the south shore region. 

The rain did not dampen our spirits, although it dampened our clothes.  Which since it was a day of waterfalls and ocean mist it did not matter.  In fact the overcast made for interesting light and challenges for the photographers.

We started our days photo shoot at the waterfalls called Seljalandsfoss.  The interesting thing about visiting this water falls is that there is a trail that allows you to walk behind the waterfalls.  This really changes your perspective on the power of the water.

Our next water falls was Skogafoss. You are able to walk all the way up to the base of the falls and several of us did it.  There is a trail and set of stairs that can test your leg muscles as you climb to the top.  Everyone enjoyed the unique access to the misty base at the bottom of the falls.  Remember what I said about the rain and fog today ... well we needed to string a clothesline on the bus for all the wet jackets and hats, and it this was by 11:30 a.m. with an ocean visit to go.

We finished our day by traveling to the black basalt beaches on the south coast.  We visited a couple of locations for interesting images off the shore line and the black beaches.

Tonight we are staying just outside of Vik in a country hotel.  After dinner tonight we enjoyed a nice walk on the hillside.  (it goes without saying the rain had stopped)

Here are some of the images from today.  The first series were shot by Vanessa yesterday.

The early bird gets the worm.


Bev doing some close-up photography at Thingviller.


A close-up of a butterfly.


Suspended rock at Thingviller.


Little church in the valley at Thingviller.


Beautiful. purple everywhere just now.


One of the smaller Geyser’s at Geyser.


The landscape behind the Geyser fields.


Another close-up of summer colour.


Seljalandsfoss against a foggy sky.


At Seljalandsfoss looking back towards the bridge.


Another view of Seljalandsfoss


Susan it looks like you’ve taken on a little extra water ....


An HDR image of Seljalandsfoss.


Susan, Michael, Dean and some of the others heading behind the trail.


Dean and Michael behind the falls.


Vanessa working on a few shots.


Another view of Seljalandsfoss.


One of our photographers in the foreground gives you an idea of it’s height.


Ron heading up the trail to Skogafoss.


Ethel and Sanford, as we walked up to Skogafoss.


Susan the raindrop on my lens is blurring your feet.  Sorry.


Dave after coming down from the top of the falls.


A view of Skogafoss.


Dean getting up close to the base of the falls.


A view from the ridge, black basalt beach on south shore.


Michael taking a few shots of the power of the ocean.


As you look south, next stop Antarctica, if you look at a world map there is no land mass between Iceland and the south pole.


We are up early tomorrow as it will be a long travel day as we visit Europe’s largest glacier and Jokulsarlon lake.

Good night from Vik, Iceland.


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