Iceland Photo Tour - Thursday July 11th, 2013

July 11, 2013 at 9:36 PM

What a great day for photography in Iceland.  Several highlights of the day were Detifoss, Godafoss, and Puffins on the north coast just off the arctic circle.

As we traveled to the far north point of the island today, we encountered many interesting things to capture.  Detifoss is a very powerful water fall, that you can actually walk right up to the edge of the rushing water, it was amazing.  You can feel the rumble under your feet. 

While up at the north point, we had opportunity to photograph Puffins, and will share some images of them in the image post section below.  We made our way to Akureyri, the group is staying in a hotel just outside of the city with a beautiful view of the fjord.

Tomorrow we will be traveling from Akureyri back towards Reykjavik, for our last night.  We will spend some time in the Reykjavik tomorrow evening and the following day.

The mountain is considered the Queen of Iceland


These are some homes located near Godafoss.


This guy was looking for something from the kitchen.  Gail Nichol has some shots of him from last year.


The gas station.  The pumps are inside to protect them from the cold.


Horse back riding, Icelandic style.


Our first look at Godafoss this morning.


Some of the group photographing the falls.


A very powerful waterfalls, Dave and Jim in the foreground.


Another view showing the force of the water at Detifoss


Jim shooting some video at the falls.


A black and white of Detifoss


More of the rapid water that feeds the falls.


Michael shooting by the falls, it's so amazing how close you can get.


Susan’s turn.  Watch your step.


This gives you an idea for the size.


Ron working on his 3D video.


 Here’s a way to protect your car from stone chips, wrap it with masking tape.


Oli cleaning Vanessa’s shoes from the ash gravel before boarding the bus.


A panoramic of Velkomin Asbyrgi.  What a beautiful view.


Another panoramic view of Velkomin Asbyrgi.


This little guy led me back on the trail today.


 On the north coast.


Looking north toward the arctic circle, this seagull soared by.


Vanessa shooting the Puffin’s


The stars of the hour.  These guys are great to watch.


Another puffin.


 A view further up the coast.


 So I’ve called him a lot of names on the trip, (having fun that is) but the name Dean Robinson deserves is Great Photographer. 


Another beautiful shot of the puffins by Dean, as they take off.


 On our way back down the coast we stopped for fish and chips, Lenora, Dave, Bev and Jim enjoying their lunch. It was good.


Walking up the trail to photograph Godafoss.


You can see the falls in the distance.


A wide view of Godafoss.


A closer view of one of the sections of the falls.


An HDR of the falls by Dean Robinson.


This is such a beautiful water fall.


Michael and James talking at the base of Godafoss.


That’s our selection of images from todays shoot.  Good night from the Photo Trekkers in Iceland.


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Posted by Paul on
A beautiful selection of images. Love the Puffins!

Safe Travels
Posted by Karen McGinnis on
Great photographs guys!! Loved the puffins! Terrain looks complicated in places. Would love to see some more foreground wide angle shots!! Someone took one the other day. Grass in the foreground. It was an Awsome shot. Gives you real depth and contrast. Love it!!
Posted by Gail Nichol on
Beautiful photos folks!!! James I'm glad to see my "dog" was still there, thanks for the photo.
Posted by Alberttiz on
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