Iceland Blog March 5, 2015

March 05, 2015 at 6:24 PM

March 5th, 2015 Iceland - Arrived safe and traveling along the south coast

Our flight departed Toronto last night on time arriving in Iceland at 6:25 a.m. this morning. After clearing customs we refuelled with coffee and a hardy breakfast and then set out for our trek along the south coast.

We visited the Reykjanes Peninsula, Gunnuhver which is Iceland’s largest mud pool, Seljalands & Skugarfos waterfalls and the black basalt sand beaches near vik.

The group was amazed at the different weather conditions and how fast they would change. This actually made for a great variety of photography today. Sometimes the conditions changed within minutes. It was pretty amazing.

For the next two evenings we will be staying in Skaftafell National Park at the base of the glacier. Our hopes are that mother nature co-operates and we have opportunity to photograph with Northern Lights with the glacier as our backdrop. At the time of posting this blog it is just before 10 p.m. and there is a watch on.

Tomorrow we will spend the day here in Skaftafell National Park and hold a photo shoot at the glacier lagoon. In the mean time enjoy this evenings selection of images. Good night from James and all the trekkers in Iceland.

This first image is at the continental divide where the Eurasia and North America tectonic plates meet. There is a considerable amount of geothermal activity in this region due to the constantly shifting plates. In some areas the ground temperature can reach in excess of 100 F. 


These are the mud pools at Gunnuhver. 


The sun was just starting to rise over the horizon and the colour picked up in the steam.


Another shot of this very interesting landscape.


The ground is so hot (probably a result of the recent volcanic activity) that this mini geyser is shooting a constant stream of water. Notice the boardwalk that is heaved up in the foreground. When I was here with the last group in July of 2013 we photographed from that boardwalk.


One more before we move on.


Brian & Vicky the pathway to the mud pools. Mary-Jane, Jim & Miriam in background.


This shot as we are driving towards the coast shows you how quick the weather changes and different weather fronts move through. We drove out of it back into blue skies within 20 minutes.


Next stop Seljalands Waterfalls.


Here’s a shot in HDR Black & White.


A shot of the top of the falls, it was quite the force of water.


Ela taking a shot of a few of the our group with Seljanlands waterfalls in background.


This is the way to see Iceland in the winter, check out the size of the tires.


This is Skugarfos waterfalls Gary can be seen shooting in the foreground.


Again this is how fast the weather changes Gary still in the foreground 5 minutes later. It’s really something to experience.


Gary and Ela with Skugafos in the background. The red stands out when we need to find them.


This is the black sand beach in Vik, it was amazing to watch the waves.


Notice the force of the water churning up the black sand.


Pinnacle Rocks just before the sun started to set.


And our last image of the evening just as the sun started to colour the sky.


Thanks it for this evening, good night from the Trekkers in Iceland.


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Posted by carol on
Glad you made it safely to Iceland. These first day images are great thanks to the changes in weather. Good night. Have a nice day tomorrow. Thank you for sharing.
Posted by Gail Nichol on
The photos are beautiful James. After being there in the summer it is interesting to see what Iceland is like in winter. Have a great time and looking forward to more photos. Hi to Ela, Brian and Sue.
Posted by Pam on
These pics are amazing. Can't thank you enuf for sharing them!
Posted by Bill B on
Glad to see you are getting the full Icelandic weather experience. Enjoy
Posted by Gail and Bob on
Looks like a great trip!
Great pics!
Have to say hi to Brian too. Any dog pics Brian?
Enjoy the rest of your time in Iceland.
Posted by Glanda on
Splendid Images, what a beautiful place. Enjoying your photos as always.

Posted by Jane on
Glad you arrived safe and sound! Amazing photos, James. Since those red jackets stand out so well, maybe they should be a prerequisite!! Haha6
Posted by Jane on
Glad you arrived safe and sound! Amazing photos, James. Since those red jackets stand out so well, maybe they should be a prerequisite!! Haha6
Posted by Karen on
Amazing shots of an amazing place! Enjoy the rest of the trip!
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