Iceland Blog March 6th, 2015

March 06, 2015 at 7:27 PM

March 6th, 2015 Iceland - Glacier Fields and Iceberg Lakes

Another amazing day here in Iceland. We spent the day in Skaftafell National Park, visiting the out flow on Europe’s largest glacier, then photographed at two glacial lagoons. The first one is well known and we’ve photographed here on previous tours called Jokulsarlon, and then a new one called Fjallsarlon. Fjallsarlon is a little more remote and off the beaten path and we had this location to ourselves this afternoon. Then late in the afternoon we went down to the glacier outlet on the ocean shore and photographed the pieces of icebergs that have washed ashore. We had to watch the waves as the ocean was very rough today due to high winds, but we captured some amazing shots.

We are still working on capturing the Northern Lights as it has been overcast. But everyone is at the ready and if things clear are prepared for a call at night.  

Tomorrow we head back down the coast towards the geyser and Gulfoss which is one of Iceland’s most powerful waterfalls.  We are going to stop at a few of the other locations we visited on the first day as our timing should reward us with different lighting conditions than the first visit.

That’s if for this evening, good night from all the Trekkers keep warm in Iceland.

The glacier outflow in Skaftafell National Park, very windy this morning.


One of the small icebergs floating in Jokulsarlon lagoon.


"Frozen in Time" this series is from Fjallsarlon lagoon.


The colour and shapes were amazing.


The group ready to head down to the shore in Fjallsarlon this afternoon.


This is why this lagoon is remote passage in is one way due to a washed out bridge from some years ago that has never been replaced.


Another shot from Fjallsarlon. Every angle made for interesting images.


Our photographers starting to explore and spread out at the shoreline.


Moving in closer and they changed again.


Mary-Jane told me she thought from the ridge they looked like blue popsicle or Mr. Freezies, so when we got down to the shoreline she had to sample the goods. What does 1,200 year old glacier ice taste like MJ?


Ela down by the shore. If you remember Ela was the winner of the Fall Foto Fest - Photo contest and first prize was passage on this tour. Congrats again Ela.


Marta Eva our guest from Belfast taking time out for a selfie!!


The blue was amazing in a sea of white today.


It was nice as we could get closer to the icebergs here than at the other lagoon.


Carol one of our first time guests from Ottawa checking the weight of the ice. Great to have you with us Carol.


Ice sculptures by the hand of mother nature. (of course she did this 1,200 years ago)


Gary down by the shoreline.


Alexa found the perfect angle on a near by rock.


Do you see a dinosaur?


Now down by the ocean where the glaciers head out to sea, some float back onto the beach and make for interesting images. Especially on a day with high wind and waves.


The waves agains the blue rocks are spectacular.


Beautiful colour against the black lava beach.



The clear pieces of ice you see in the foreground are so compress and void of air, you would be surprised how light they are when you pick them up.


And Vick wanted to see what they tasted like. I’m not sure is she is tasting or trying to play it. Give me the key of Brrr please!


This is the only way to travel during the winter in inIceland. This is along the ocean shore today.


The setting sun at Jokulsarlon lagoon.


Our final image for the evening is an HDR shot in Jokulsarlon lagoon.


That’s a wrap for this evening. Good night from Skaftafell National Park in Iceland. By the way our hotel is located a 1/4 of a km from the base of the glacier. 


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Posted by Michelle Rondeau on
Hellooo up there all of you "Trekkers". The photos are stunning James. I am in awe looking at them; I can only imagine how awesome it must be experiencing those sights and sounds in person. You'll notice, I did not mention that I might enjoy the temperature :) Happy travels to all and thanks for sharing.
Posted by Deb on
Awe inspiring images. So different in the winter months. How much daylight do you have per day? Love the look of the ice both so clear and the beautiful blues. We are following your trip and the memories are kicking in. Thank you for sharing.
Posted by Vicky on
Michelle you are missed! You would love it! Hi Deb! It has been great so far!
Posted by Nancy Anne on
I can't get over how turquoise the icebergs are. I hope the weather improves, hard to photograph in horizontal rain but it makes you work harder at being creative. Have fun.
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