Iceland Blog March 7th, 2015

March 07, 2015 at 7:51 PM

March 7th, 2015 Iceland - Waterfalls, Horses and Ocean Waves

Day three and still plenty of great photo opportunities. Today we began our trip west ward back out the south coast of Iceland, and as we traveled experienced every type of weather possible. This was not discouraging as it made for an interesting variety of photographs.

We are still in search of a few things on our photo list on this tour, one of which is the Northern Lights, each evening has been overcast. This evening showed some promise earlier on, but it remained overcast though out the evening. We did encounter some Icelandic Horses today which made the group happy and we have one more evening for the Northern Lights. Tomorrow evenings forecast is promising.

In the meantime enjoy some of the beauty and fun photos we’ve selected to share with you this evening. Good night from Iceland.

We made one more early morning stop up at the mouth of the glacier today.


There has been snow overnight and it made for some interesting photos.


Looks like we are exploring the Arctic ... well we are close enough.


I included this image just to you see the contrast another 60 kms down the coast.


Roadside waterfalls


Nice setting for your farm house.


Andrew, Brian, Danny and Ela posing by the waterfalls this morning. Nice and sunny.


The covering of snow gives everything a fresh look.


View from a little church in the town of Vik.


Looking down into the town of Vik.


The Basalt columns on the beach near Vik. Similar to those at Giant’s Causeway in Ireland.


This image shows you the size of the waves on the beach today.


Ela and Marta Eva


It was spectacular to see.


This sequence is Carol daring the ocean to chase her ... then it did. Carol won.


Jim’s tempting fate too! Remember Jim there’s no land mass between Iceland and Antarctica. We might have to head to the south pole to find you!


In this sequence shot by Andrew Campbell, Ela and Marta Eva are having their photo shot by the ocean.


Next thing you know a big wave snuck up on them. Marta Eva ... Got wet!


Cigi our coach driver, who also does sea rescue moving in. Thanks Andrew Campbell for your images.


This shows you how strong the wind and waves were today.


Another shot showing the waves.


This is further up the coast just outside of Vik.


Here we are 60 kms down the hwy and you see the change in weather.


Icelandic horse near one of the waterfalls today.


Sue making a friend.


Vicky chatting the horse up too.


Mary-Jane with the horse, this little guy likes to pose.


Our last stop of the day, for a few shots under different light at Seljalands Waterfalls.


Brian, Mary-Jane and Jim carefully working their way down the stairs.


Another view. 


The next few shots were emailed to me by our guest Gary Lloyd-Rees. This is an interesting view of the columns. by Gary Lloyd-Rees.


Little Troll by the entrance to a wool shot.


Another wave shot down on the beach at Vik.


The winds really add to the shot.


Another view of Skogafos, thanks again Gray Lloyd-Rees for the photos.


That’s it for this evenings post. Good night from the Trekkers in Iceland.


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Posted by Gail and Bob on
Loved the pics today!
Ok, hmmm, what are Gail's fav pics?
Of course, the Icelandic horses!
Hoping for the Northern lights for you!
Fingers crossed!
Posted by Jane on
Absolutely amazing pictures!! I just loved the horses!! Did you have any carrots for them? Looks like a trip I should have embarked on. Keep the photos coming. Sure hope you get to view and photo the Northern Lights.

Good work Trekkers
Posted by Michelle Rondeau on
Great shots James, Andrew,and Gary! Looks so beautifully awesome and refreshing! As much a I am enjoying travelling vicariously with you (and, thanks for making it possible)I am shivering just looking at the snow, ice, and water. The red coats...Was that a plan, or just coincidental? Enjoy seeing some familiar faces...Sue...Vicky...Brian...Helloooo to all of you. Have fun and stay warm.
Posted by Paul Kurowski on
Poor Marta Eva!
Ela, did you get wet too?

Paul K
Posted by Kat on
Breath taking James! Love the horses, a bonus! Hope for the Northern Lights, my fingers crossed too! Some of the road shots look like the 402 this winter,.....
Posted by Heather Bender on
Avryl and I are enjoying your photos! We have our fingers crossed that you will get to see the aurora borealis as well!
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