Iceland Blog March 8th, 2015

March 08, 2015 at 8:59 PM

March 8th, 2015 Iceland - Geyser, Faxi & Gullfoss Waterfall & Tingvellir, 

A great day for waterfalls and Geyser’s here in Iceland. We began our day by holding a photo shoot at Faxi waterfalls which is a lesser know location and it was great as we had the waterfalls to ourselves. We then moved on to Geysir (Icelandic name for the geyser flats). We spent time photographing the melding pot of steam and of course Geysir Iceland’s version of Old Faithful. You can almost set your clock to every 5 minutes when it will send hot water and steam up to 300 feet into the air, and as you will see in todays photos on a cold day even higher.

Then on to Gullfoss, which is Iceland’s highest and one of it’s most powerful waterfalls. There was an amazing amount of ice build up all around the falls. This time of year due to the freezing ice you can’t get quite as close as when we’ve toured here in the summer months.

We then went over the higher planes, which meant an interesting change in weather to blowing snow and on to Tingvellir, which is located in the southwestern district near the Reykjanes peninsula and Hengill volcanic area. Tingvellir is a site of historical, cultural and geological importance. It lies in a rift valley that marks the crest of the Mid Atlantic Ridge, it is next to Tingvallavatan the largest natural lake in Iceland and the home to the first location of Parliament in the year 930. Scuba divers come here from all over the world to dive between the tectonic plates in the clear blue waters.

We are now back in Reykjavik for one night and our farewell group dinner. Tomorrow we have another day in Iceland, visiting the bubbling mud pots in Seltun and then wrapping up our visit with a relaxing swim in the blue lagoon.  Enjoy todays selection of images and Good Night from Reykjavik.

Typical Icelandic farm house as we drove to Gullfoss this morning.


This is Faxi waterfalls, our first photo shoot this morning.


Carol and Danny looking for a higher vantage point.


An HDR of Faxi Waterfalls.


We came across this snowman on the trail. He’s only about 6 inches tall ...


Ice formations, you can see the falls in the background.


Now it would not be a trip with Brian if he did not pose with an animal. We don’t think he’s ever posed with sheep before!! Your a great sport Brian.


This is the geyser just as it’s about to blow. Look at the white that is air bubbles.


The next one is just at it starts to release the hot water and steam.


A little higher ...


And more ... it shoots approximately 275 feet into the air.


Here’s another angle 10 minutes later. I love the blue.


This gives you an idea of how high the seam goes into the air. Look at the people for reference. If they are in the steam they also got wet!


Sometimes in between eruptions a snowball fight will break out. This father and daughter were having some fun. Can you see the snow balls they threw at each other?


Impact ...


This is the only way to tour when visiting a glacier.


This is Iceland’s highest waterfall ... Gullfoss.


Some Icelandic horses running across a field.


You have to cross over a higher altitude ridge before descending into Reykjavik. Here a shot of the highway this afternoon. It was beautiful.


View from the top of Tingviller.


Here you can walk right up the the Mid Atlantic Ridge.


Another view of the ridge, you can see the people walking up to get an idea of the depth of the ridge.


This is the Harpa Opera House in Reykjavik, we walked up after dinner and took a shot. The all glass building changes colour to represent the Northern Lights.


These last few shots are by Gary Lloyd-Rees as we traveled today. This was our country hotel. It was selected as there is not much light pollution if the weather had been clear enough for the northern lights.


A little romance between some Icelandic horses.


The only way to clear the sidewalk.




Another view of Gullfoss with the sun peeking out to light it.


A higher vantage point of Gullfoss. Thanks again Gary Lloyd-Rees for the images.


Vicky Langford decided to give it one last try for the Northern Lights last night and was successful. We are pleased to share a couple of her shots. Congratulations Vicky.


One more, again thanks Vicky for sharing them with us.


Good night from all the Photo Tour Trekkers now back in Reyjkavik.


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Posted by Gail Nichol on
Very beautiful photos. It is so nice to see that Brian makes friends every where he goes !!! hahahaha
Posted by Gail and Bob on
They are great pics!
Brian you are the animal person aren't you, haha!
Posted by Nancy Anne on
I have 2 comments. If the snowman is only 6 inches high, how tall is James if he's shooting up at it? And why isn't Brian riding the sheep or at least an Icelandic Horse? Glad you had a good time.
Posted by Jane on
Oh Brian!! Always the entertainer! Great photos, great to see the geyser in action. Looks like a great time, a real life experience for ALL. Thanks for sharing the experience through your wonderful photography!
Posted by Claudia Viani on
Following your blog diligently and can't wait to see more...beautiful pictures and on my list for next year...keep them coming!
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