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August 22, 2013 at 6:16 PM

Ireland Photo Tour 

Thursday August 22nd, 2013

We are now heading further north towards Derry, our photo shoot destination enroute today is Slieve League Cliffs near Donnegal.  We had a slight detour this morning when we missed the road marker for the Cliffs and ended up in a small coastal village.  All was not lost as it was a beautiful stop and one of the locals in the village set us straight.

We arrived a little later than planned.  Our first stop was the Slieve League Cliffs Centre, run by Paddy Clarke, his wonderful wife and family, who are working very hard to raise the awareness of the beauty of the cliffs and encourage folk to visit this great region of Ireland.  They offer a shuttle service to the cliffs and guided hiking excursions.  The road narrows here so there is no way to get a motor coach any further than the centre.  That fine from great home made food to transportation, Paddy and his family will take good care of you. After a cup of tea and some lunch we shuttled up to the cliffs.  We not only was it beautiful and clear, the conditions were perfect for a little hiking to higher levels and great photography.

Late in the afternoon we then continued north towards Derry. The next two nights we will be staying in Letterkenny, which is about 19 km outside of Derry.


Good Night from Letterkenny, Ireland. James, Dave and the Photo Tour Trekkers.

Slieve League Cliffs.


Bob and Val on our early morning shoot.


Ross singing and demonstrating life imitating art!


Lighthouse image from Drew.


When we took the wrong turn, these sheep on the road were saying “Go Baaaaak”


This scenery was a bonus of our detour.


James was a little furry on directions.


Great idea, the name of the cliffs are painted on the building how’d we miss it.


When you reach the base road to the cliffs you transfer to a shuttle, but first a cup of tea and scone at Paddy’s.


James and Paddy Clarke at the cliffs, Paddy also hosts hiking tours across the mountain cliffs behind us.  Guess why they call it one man’s trail.


Kat taking a break as she hikes up the trail. Thanks Drew for the shot.


Ron checking out the view, shot by Drew as they hiked up the trail.


Interesting subject ... parking lot pillars in front of our bus.  Who has to climb???


This is Ireland .... Mist, Mountains and Sheep!


Peat to heat your home.  4ton will heat a home for the winter for 400 euros.


Kate and Frank as we climbed higher on the trail.


Now this is creative, thanks Claudia and Kat, this is great ...


Claudia and Kat hard at work.


Christine working on a few images.


As you can see, this is a rugged part of the coast .... watch your step.


The heather is starting to bloom.


Michelle exploring the ridge.


The colour along the cliffs is beautiful.


The light from the broken clouds.


Even the beautiful locals visit.


OK now after all that hiking time for dinner.


Some of us were really tired.  Good night from Letterkenny.


Tomorrow we start our morning shoot at a bonze age ring fort, located high on a ridge then into Derry for a free afternoon.


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Posted by Dolores Cooper on
Love the rugged cliffs. Reminds me of Newfoundland. Great photos.
Posted by Randy on
What a wonderful experience! Photo Trekkers sure know how to pick the weather too :-) Nice to see the locals featured with the Trekkers. We are all missing you and look forward to seeing your photos on your return.
from all your friends at the Woodstock Camera Club
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