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August 23, 2013 at 5:59 PM

Ireland Photo Tour 

Friday August 23rd, 2013

Another great day of photography in Ireland.  We began our photo shoot this morning at Grianan of Aileach, an ancient ring fort located about 10 Km’s outside of Derry.  This for is located high on a ridge, so this involved a little bit of a hike/climb to get to the top.  The view and images were well worth it.  Being a round structure it came with some challenges for the best way to capture images.

By mid day we were in Londonderry or Derry.  The group had the rest of the day for free time and urban photography.  Some did local tours, both bus and walking, while others choose to explore the walled city on their own.  The city offered up many opportunities, combined with interesting pubs, cafes and historic buildings, many jpegs were created.

Because of the internet being down in our hotel we uploaded the images from a Derry Cafe called Molly’s.  The owner Gerard was very hospitable and provided some very good selections to eat ... and the best coffee in Derry.  We had a great chat and learned that he had recently purchased the business.  We wish you all the very best and thanks again, it was great to be made feel so welcome in your city.

Tomorrow we leave Letterkenny to visit a castle ruins by the sea, Giant’s Causeway, Carik-a-Rede rope bridge and a few other surprises. We will then be in Belfast for the next three evenings.

Enjoy some of the images from todays travels. Good night from Letterkenny from James, Dave and the Photo Tour Trekkers.

Jette, Ray, Gail, Anne-Marie and Gail starting the hike to the ring fort.


Some of the beautiful landscapes as you hike along the road to the fort. This made for a beautiful morning hike.


The first sight of the ring fort, plenty of heather starting to bloom. The fort dates back to the bronze age.


A 15mm fish eye comes in handy to be able to show the entire structure.


It’s also fun ... Kim walking the wall.


The walls of the fort were 4.5 meters thick, constructions dates back 2000 years.


Jerry taking a few shots along the trail.  


There was many interesting subjects as we hiked up the hillside.


Looking back over the country side.


Another interesting shot.


Nancy and Kim, what a great backdrop.


Jerry and Drew above the clouds.


Bill checks in ...


Don capturing a few close ups.


As Dave approached the fort shooting with his Canon, Bob fires back with his Nikon as James lobs a D300s at the oncoming fool er sorry foe.


The winds were pretty strong as you walked along the wall.


Val looking for the hand rail, I guess no compliance in the year 0000!


Dave prays for sun .... 


A panoramic to give you an idea of the size.


Now in Derry at Molly’s Cafe, James toasts the best coffee in Derry with the owner Gerard.


A thatched roof house in the artisan district of Derry.


The walled part of the city.


Hey mum and dad I think he’s getting away ... walking along the wall in Derry.


Dave bucks the trend once again.


A stained glass window in one of the many churches.


Looking over the outer city from the wall.


We are here ...


A little rain today ...


Ice cream and texting .... my how times have changed.


Coke is it ... everywhere.


Door hinge on church entrance.


Walking along the wall near Butcher’s Gate. Each of the four original gates have names that match the district.


An old, old grave marker ... the colour matches the country.


This area is steeped in history.


We’ve finally had it with his jokes ... how fitting to be taken out by a cannon.


Looking out to the Londonderry West Bank Loyalist area


This looks like fun ... did not matter it was raining.


Rain is an everyday feature of this part of the world.  And if you don’t like the weather wait a few minutes it will change again.


That’s it from Londonderry.  Check back tomorrow for more images from our Irish Adventure.  Good Night from the Emerald Isle.


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Posted by Doreen on
Looked like an awesome day for pictures,the cliffs look so cool.I noticed the picture ofJames with the cannon pointed at him because of his jokes, I was just wondering why Dave wasn't there? I am pretty sure his jokes are just as bad.I enjoy looking at the blog everyday thanks guys.
Posted by Bre on
Oh Dave, the only thing a vortex will bring ye in Ireland is a leprechaune. But ye already seem to have one of those. He'd be wearing red instead of green. But if ye catch him, he'll display a pot of gold which is close to sunshine. Keep ye smilin'!
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