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August 24, 2013 at 8:32 PM

Ireland Photo Tour 

Saturday August 24th, 2013

What a busy day of photography ... Today we departed Letterkenny just outside of Londonderry to visit Dunluce Castle, Giant’s Causeway, Carrik-a-Rede rope bridge and Dark Hedges.  Most of the these locations were only a few km’s apart, so once we reached the coast it was easy traveling.

Dunluce Castle sits right on the cliffs of the rugged coast, so photographing it was a bit of a challenge.  All around the castle the coastline was beautiful.  Giant’s Causeway was our next location. We walked the trail from the cliff top down to the ocean level.  Every turn was a beautiful photograph.  Carrik-a-Rede was another great hike along the top of the cliffs, then with the use of a rope bridge you crossed onto a rocky island, traditionally erected by salmon fisherman.  A very scenic location.

Finally on our way down to Antrum, just outside of Belfast we stopped at Dark Hedges. Anyone who knows of the show Game of Thrones will recognize images from this mystical forest of beach trees that connect over this remote country road. 

Good night from Belfast Ireland. 

Dunluce Castle, today was a clear day on the coast and you could see Scotland.


Coastal shoreline as we approached Dunluce Castle.


A couple more images of Dunluce Castle


Dunluce Castle, near Giant's Causeway.


Christine, Val and Claudia photographing the castle.


Kat's comment "if you want to double your photographers ... just add water!"


Rowing along the river ... entroute to Antrim.


Michelle having some fun this morning.


Coloured row houses in Port Stewart.


Dan lining up his shot.  Follow the leading crooked line.


Ray, Jette and Dave .... love is grand.


Nancy doing a little gardening before her shot.


Don lining up his shot at Giant's Causeway.


Val at Giant's Causeway.


Many beautiful landscape opportunities at Giant's Causeway.


The lead out to the ocean of the Giant's Causeway ... ancient volcanic remains.


Kate at Giant's 


Karen at Giant's ... thanks for colour co-ordinating for the day!!!


Once you reach sea level the green and rocks are amazing.


The tide is starting to come in at Giant's.


Guess where we had lunch. Bushmills makes a great Guinness and Steak Pie.


Carrik-a-Rede Rope Bridge Trail, it was beautiful.


Someones always close by to give you directions.


Dave looking fishy ... er using his fish eye.


Colour in flowers everywhere.


The sky was great for images today.


Some wave action down by the shore.


Great image Dave.


More shoreline images, the waves were great for images.


Even a touch of mist.


Mary and Gail as they cross the rope bridge.


Kim as we crossed the bridge.  OK jump a few times and lets see what happens.


Another great use for a fish eye.


Where's your hat James?? You are throwing off my exposure.!!


Ross, Ron and Marg crossing back over the bridge.


Don, Jerry and Sue.


Bill as he crosses the bridge to visit the island. The bridge was built by salmon fisherman.


Allen was out riding his bike at Dark Hedges when all of a sudden a bus load of lenses appeard!


An amazing place to visit ... I wonder how many people watch Game of Thrones.


Even when a car approaches it gives and interesting perspective.


Truely a hidden treasure of this region in Ireland.


Dark Hedges in HDR.


That's it for our series of images for today.  Tomorrow, Sunday is free time until 5:30 p.m. when the group will head into Belfast for an evening and dinner at the Titanic experience, and night photography at the harbour.  Good night from Belfast.


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Posted by Doreen on
Wow the bridge is very cool,so was the road where they shot some stuff from game of thrones.The pictures are awesome keep up the great work,the blog is great to follow.
Posted by Paul on
Amazing images. This is so great to follow. I look forward to every update.
Posted by Kelly on
Dark Hedges, wow. I love the show Game of Thrones. Enjoy the rest of the tour, I'm excited to see the night shots.
Posted by Ken on
Great images, I'm enjoyed the daily posts.
Posted by Robert Clark on
Great to see you enjoying yourself Ron. Watch out for the little green people in those dark hedges.
Posted by Betty Ann on
Love all the daily updates but this day looks like my favourite so far. So different and so awesome.
Posted by Justin on
Wow, beautiful landscape. Great shots guys
Posted by Dolores Cooper on
Totally amazing.
Posted by Heather Moffatt on
Loving these photos - absolutely amazing - and I LOVE the Dark hedges as I am a huge GOT fan!!!
Continued safe and fun travels to you all!
Thanks for sharing :)
Posted by Bruce Ritchie on
Terrific photos. Wish I was there.

Posted by Kathleen Robinson on
Been there done that (except I did not cross over the bridge) but our pictures don't look anything like yours, they are brilliant. I was born in Ballycastle which is on the Antrim Coast road.
Posted by Avril on
Michelle. I'm so glad to see you having a good time. Ireland is awesome, right? You can never put your camera away. Looking forward to more pictures.
Posted by Helen Janes on
Hi James, Some amazing shots by everyone, Amazing scenary even though looks a little lacking in sunshine.
Posted by Eva MacDonald on
Really good photographers on this trip. Thanks for sharing.
Did everyone cross the bridge? Eva
Posted by Eva MacDonald on
Really good photographers on this trip. Thanks for sharing.
Did everyone cross the bridge? Eva
Posted by Heather on
Love today's shots and that Kat, she is so funny.
Posted by Nancy Allen on
I'm just a wee bit jealous that I'm not on this fabulous photo tour! Some tours would drive through the Dark Hedge and point it out but not stop for the photo op! I'm so glad these special places have a high priority. It's also wonderful to see photos of the participants ... unusual for someone who is usually behind the lens. Great captures of spectacular landscapes!
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