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August 26, 2013 at 5:56 PM

Ireland Photo Tour 

Monday August 26th, 2013

Titanic Experience last night, followed by night photography along the harbour front in the Titanic Quarter then back to start this morning with some day shot.  I think we have it covered.  It was great fun and the exhibit is amazing.  A shout out to Eimear and the staff for all your help in making our private visit and dinner a great success.  

Last night’s dinner was held in the Bridge Lounge which is at the top of the Titanic Exhibit.  Once they had spent time in the exhibit they were greeted by a glass of wine and a great dinner.  At the dinner we honoured some of our guests that have now been on 10 Trekkers tours. It has been great to travel with you,some great friendships have grown out of our travel experiences and many beautiful photos.

This morning we returned to Belfast for some more harbour photography, then spent the remainder of the day visit the old quarters of City Centre Belfast.  You can’t walk 10 feet without experiencing something else to photograph. And by the amount of conversation at dinner tonight, Belfast has been another great addition to our Ireland Experience.

Tomorrow we depart Belfast and as we travel along the coast to the Dundalk region, we will be visiting Grey Abbey, Down’s Cathedral were St. Patrick is buried, then a afternoon photo shoot at Down Abbey.

That’s it for this evening, enjoy the images from last nights Titanic Experience and todays walk about in Belfast.  Thanks for all the comments, we love to hear from you, so don’t be shy.  Good Night Everyone.

Entrance to the Titanic Experience - Belfast, Ireland.


Another view of this amazing building, each point represents a White Star Ship and are the exact height of the ships Titanic and Olympic. Dinner tonight was held in the Bridge dining room at the top of the building. What a great view. The top 4 panels of glass is where we ate and is level to the height of the Bridge of the Titanic.


The building made for many great angles.


James transporting all the tri-pods to the dining room while the group took the tour of the Titanic Experience. Wow look at all the tripods!!!


Inside the experience, many of the displays were interactive. Dan, Joyce, Don and Nancy-Anne, taking in the displays.


These moving photo walls were great fun to experience.  Takes you back to Belfast days of old.


A typical dockyard scene at the time of the construction of the Titanic.


Another interactive street scene to give you an idea of the era of the Titanic.


Don beaming to the draftsman room, where the planning for the ships took place.


Another interactive panel, Kate listens in from the side.


Someone's worried about making the height requirement.


Drew checking out the interactive ships blue prints.


Some great quotes on the wall.


This display showed the launch of the Titanic from dry dock with the building materials all around it.


Then the glass changed behind after the launch and you could see the actual dry dock.  Pretty amazing.


This virtual tour took you from deck to deck as you watched the video screens, you could also feel the motion.


What a first class cabin looked like. The grand stair case on the Titanic.


Strolling on the decks of the ship, careful Drew you know how the story ends.


Reflections, looking down into the main lobby of the exhibit.


Inside the hall where you hear the stories of the ship hitting the iceberg.


Gail watching the ghosts of the past in the first class cabin of the ship.


Preparations are done and waiting for the photographers to arrive.


Even the dinnerware was part of the experience.


The wine staff waiting for the guest to come out of the elevators.


Our guests starting to arrive, cheers Jerry. Bob and Anne-Marie in the back.


Karen sampling the wine as Frank arrives.


James and Marg going over tonights menu.


Getting ready to enjoy our dinner, Claudia and Ross with the two Daves. 


A wide angel shot of the beautiful dining room at the top of the Titanic building.


One more shot of the dining room with the ship yards as the backdrop.

IRE-262.jpgThe dining room was beautiful as the sun set.


The guests that received our special travel recognition tonight. You are all great travel companions.


After dinner we went outside for a couple hours of night photography.


We had a nice night to be outside, so many opportunities. Anne Marie shooting.


Looking back towards the Titanic building, you can see the lights of the dinning room.  The blue lines on the walk way show exactly where the Titanic and Olympic sat when they were being built in dry dock.


Using light for leading lines. Titanic Belfast night photography.


The outline of the Titanic and where it sat in dry dock.


Dave demonstrates fun with light ... I have a sinking feeling.


Dan looking a little blue, any light source and a little time can make for an interesting image.


A group shot on the replica of the grand stair case from the Titanic.


On Monday we went back to the Titanic Quarter, this is the draftsman and design shop were blue prints would have been made for the ship. This area is currently under restoration. Notice the skylights for large amounts of natural light.


Belfast offered up many photo opportunities.


This is the Nomatic which is the last of the White Star ships and was a tender ship for the first class passengers on the Titanic and Olympic.


A view of the Old Titanic House (draft shop and administration) and the new Exhibit Hall in the background.


Drew getting ready to explore Belfast, ... look out for the little people.


The many faces of a photography.  Bill is always a good sport.


An interesting view of the Normatic.


Starting our photo walking tour of Belfast, we broke up into small groups to photograph Belfast. So many photo opps.


Sean plays bass fiddle, and he was very good.


Kat and Drew passing by the coffee shop we were in ...


Collin working on his art piece.  A big festival is going to begin in Belfast next week.


Once completed the actors will walk out of the painting.  Good luck with the project.


Belfast Cathedral.


Very interesting cushions behind each of the chairs.


As the light reflects off the cross on the Alter, beautiful.


Reflection of the Belfast Clock Tower.


Many great street scenes.


Todays was a bank holiday and the park at city hall was quite busy. It was just great to sit, relax and people watch this afternoon.


That's it for this evenings post.  Check back tomorrow for more updates.  Good night from Antrim, near Belfast.


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Posted by Doreen on
Wow I love the titanic experience, the pictures make it seem so realistic again. I have seen the movie many times so the pictures make it feel like you are right there,I'm sure that's how most of you felt,very cool.
Posted by Joan St. Marie on
What a lovely day you've had - so many new experiences - I'm really enjoying seeing your trip every day. Nancy, you'll have so many stories to tell us when you get home!!!
Posted by Justin Chidley on
That would be amazing to see. Looks like you guys are getting the first class treatment.
Posted by cheryl on
What an awesome experience with the Titanic. It looks far more extensive than the museum in Newfoundland.
Posted by Linda Barr on
Love following your blog and seeing all the great photos!! It is the next best thing to being there ! Our dear friend Ron Bradley is traveling with you. I trust he will tell you this is his second time experiencing Titanic. We hope he is behaving himself.
Posted by Heather on
Amazing photos......everyone looks like they are having a great time!
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