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August 28, 2013 at 7:06 PM

Ireland Photo Tour 

Tuesday August 28th, 2013 

Castle Roche was our first photo shoot this morning.  This magnificent old ruin is located about 7 miles from our hotel on a slightly out of the way spot on private farm land.  The farmer does not mind people visiting as long as you close the gate at the end of the field when heading up the incline to the castle. It was a great experience as the castle is surrounded my miles of countryside. When you reach the top, the view and photography were great. Especially on a beautiful clear morning like we had today.  

The history of this castle ... Lady Rohesia de Verdun built the castle in 1236 ad. Legend has it that Lady Rohesia promised her hand in marriage to the architect if he completed the castle to her satisfaction. When he went to claim her hand, she had him thrown from one of the windows, which to this day is known as the 'murder window'.

Next stop Carlingford, which is the second oldest town in all of Ireland.  This medieval village sits on the edge of a beautiful lough with many of it’s walls intact.  We spent most of our day photographing the tiny streets, the abbey, King James Castle and a pub or two.  Another great Ireland experience.  

Our last stop on the way back to Dundalk was the Proleek Doloman, which is an ancient tomb dating back to 3000 BC.  

That’s it for another beautiful day of Irish countryside and photography.  Enjoy the selection of images from todays shoot. Tomorrow we are Dublin bound.

The royal couple waiting for our departure to Castle Roche.


After a short hike up this hill, the ruins of castle Roche await.


So many interesting places within the walls to photograph. It was easy to spend our morning walking the hills and exploring the grounds.  The structure is protected by the Irish Trust even thought it is on private property.


There was a pretty large area within the castle walls, there would have been many rooms a few centuries ago.


Gail has found one of the many chambers on and around the castle.


This is where the little people watch all who enter the castle.


Marg are you looking for someone you might have pushed from the window???


Marg being an arch support ....


Another outside view of Castle Roche.


This gives you an idea of hight the castle walls are.


Nancy McRae outside the castle, beautiful countryside all around us.


You can see the uneven ground from years of rubble piling up.


A panoramic of the castle 6 verticle images stitched together.


It is important to look behind you. All photographers should be built this way. Jerry and Nancy at the castle.


The high view offered up some interesting angles.


Sue helping out one of the locals with the gate.


Frank and Kate ...


Hey it's moo back here, don't forget to take my photo too.


When you are doing this type of photos there is no formal parking lot.


When we got to Carlingford, we were greeted by these two nuns who were part of the Sisters of Mercy in Dundalk.


Sister said she would pray for James' jokes to get better.  It was great to meet both of you today.


We ran into these children who were just coming back from an activity camp. Thanks young Harry Potter!!!


Dave at work.


At a local cafe, two of the locals having a morning coffee.


This gentleman was one of the many locals that stopped to say hello.


A fisherman from Wexford, Ireland talking to us at the harbour.


David painting the community centre fence, we had a great chat with him too.


Some afternoon ice cream anyone?


A two year old local girl seems very happy .


The Carlingford Abbey.


Don doing a little shopping as he walks into the town.


The girls having a pub lunch.


Nancy taking time to smell the flowers in the rose garden near the Proleek Doloman.


Our final stop today the ancient Proleek Doloman.


Legend has it making a wish, and tossing a coin or stone on top and it staying your wish will come true. Frank trying his hand at tossing up a stone.


One more shot of the Doloman to finish off the evening.


That's it for this evenings images. In the morning we are heading into Dublin.


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Posted by Dolores Cooper on
Enjoyed the photos and the comments.
Posted by Doreen on
The castle looked very cool from all angles especially from above.It's nice to see some locals,the weather didn't look to bad today.Looks like everyone is enjoying themselves,keep up the great pictures.
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