Ireland Photo Tour Blog Thursday August 29, 2013

August 29, 2013 at 7:05 PM

Ireland Photo Tour 

Thursday August 29th, 2013

Back in Dublin ... we arrived into city centre this morning with our first photo shoot of the day at Trinity College. While at the college we visited the Book of Kells to see the ancient Celtic scribes and then the famous Long Library of the college.

The rest of the morning and early afternoon the group had free time to photograph and explore some of  Dublin.  We then spent some time this afternoon at St. Patrick’s Cathedral.  The Cathedral was a great experience, besides the big picture of the beauty of the church the detail photo opportunities were at every corner of this beautiful structure. It was a living history of Ireland, almost more like a museum.

We reached our hotel by late afternoon with time to relax before dinner.  Tomorrow we will be visiting the Guinness family mansion and gardens which are now owned by the state.  The some more time in Dublin followed by our pub night at the Merry Ploughboys Pub.  Enjoy this evenings selection of photos from Trinity College and Dublin.

Welcome to Dublin ... heading to school first thing this morning.


Arriving at Trinity College.


College gates, check out the stockings .... panthers???


Long Library in Trinity College, the books are still used and are hundreds of years old.  It was an amazing place to visit. Drew and Ron in the foreground.


Spiral stair case in the library.


What a place, two floors of literature.


Shot by D.C. ... notice a little poetic license with this shot!


Bust of William Shakespere in the long library.


Karen working on her shot.


Janet was not to far away.


The busts of different prominent figures decorated the entire library.


This art work located in Trinity Gardens is called Sphere on Sphere. Look closely now there's two Daves ... Oh No.


Around the grounds of Trinity.


Streets of Dublin.


Gull taking off down by the River Liffey in Dublin. 


One of the many foot bridges across the river.


Garvan, one of the Dublin guides we met at the college this morning. Nice to meet you Garvan.


Who's this leprachaun that we ran into on Dublin Streets, with Ron.


Marg you have a little person on your shoulder too.


So many interesting people to photograph.


Do you think Dave is it, is as catchy at coke is it?? Well he's the real thing!!


That's quite the flame!!


Inside St. Patrick's Cathedral 


Baptisim chapel at St. Patrick's Cathedral


Another shot inside the Cathedral


One of the prayer areas.


On the streets of Dublin.


A warm hello from some girls on the street as we drove by tonight.


Notice the four leaf clovers in the light stand. 


Good night from all the Trekkers in Dublin.


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Posted by Bre on
Oh man, good thing I didn't make this trip. I'd still be in the library shooting with Dr. Watson and a candlestick. Seriously wicked location!

And lovely Miksang image there Dave of the lamppost.

Need tutorial on how you shot the candles James - exposure is wonderful.
Posted by Cheryl on
Hope you don't miss the "Famine" people sculptures along the River Liffey down by the dock. It was made by Rowan Gillespie in memory of the victims of the Great Famine and for their descendants that have done so much to build Canada. MF
Posted by Doreen on
Good morning my comment for yesterday ended up on the first day! It was too long to write again.
Posted by Eva MacDonald on
Wow! That libray is amazing. Could you not want to study some of the very old tomes in there. Thanks again for a blogging these and all the other photos, not only is the equipment enviable but clearly the photographers know how to use their cameras.
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