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August 31, 2013 at 4:00 PM

Ireland Photo Tour 

Saturday August 31st, 2013

Our last morning in Ireland ... so early this morning before the traffic got busy we visited Merrion Square to photograph the Doors of Dublin. This region is a series of blocks of row houses that were constructed almost identical to each other. What the owners did to make it different, is paint the doors vivid colours, add different style door knobs and knockers to make each entrance their own.

We then went to Grafton Street where everyone had some free time to take more photos do some last minute gift shopping, take more photos, do more last minute gift shopping, then more last minute gift shopping, then off to the Guinness Storehouse for a tour of the history of the factory and the dark substance that has flowed for over 200 years.

We are up early in the morning and will be off to the airport for our flight home to Canada.  It has been a great tour of the emerald Isle, seeing everyone come home with some interesting images and fond memories of our time here.  I would also like to thank my friends at MacPherson’s Coach company for all your help and to a very special guy, David Fox our coach driver while here in Ireland. It has been great to work with you again David, always great fun when you join our group on tour.

That’s it for this evening, everyone is getting packed up for our journey.  Thanks to everyone at home who followed our blog and all your fun comments. A special thanks to my long time friend and photo colleague Dave Chidley, thank you for joining the tour, and sharing your photo knowledge with the group each time we travel.

Good Night from Dublin, enjoy a few photos from our last day of the tour.

Try ... stands for don't be scared to be creative, it's been a great lesson on this tour.


Dublin doors by carriage.


Every door is different and offers up new photo opportunities.


Jerry working on a door close-up.


Decoorative utility service covers.


Every door had interesting knockers and door knobs, close-ups were a must!


If you are ever in Dublin make sure to look up Merrion Square.


His and her's doors and photographers, Dan and Joyce, great to photograph with you again on this tour.


A couple more doors.


You can see why all the doors and entry ways were given a different look by the owners.  How else would you find your front door after a night at the pub.


Meet Cairan, the greeter at Brown Thomas store, which happens to Canadian owned by Galen Weston. Cairan decided to switch hats with James.  A pleasure to meet such a gentleman.


On a beautiful day in Dublin many buskers can be found.


Sorry folks another myth buster moment ... not a real leprachaun.


Grafton Street full of colour and colourful people.


Next stop a tour of the Guinness Storehouse, this is part of the pint shape opening built into the opening of the storehouse.  Prior to being renovated as the visitor centre this was fermentation building.  Beer has been brewed at this location since 1759.


Frank creating a shot near the water falls demonstrating how much water is used every day at Guinness.  330, 000 litres a day are used in making beer.


Guinness is still very much a working business at St. James Gate in Dublin.


Ray having some fun in the factory's commercial department. Where they show some of the advertising over the years.


Interactive advertising.


Dave photographing the eveloution of the Guinness bottle.


Old Bottles up close.


In the floor of the storehouse is the 9,000 year land lease signed by Aurther Guinness.


Kim taking a selfie in the advertising department at the storehouse.


Well that's it for our images tonight and a beautiful photo tour of Ireland.  It has been great sharing the images of our trek with you.  Thanks for following each day, it has been great to read your comments and Irealnd for being such a great host.


Trekkers are on thier way home.  Join us again for our travel blog when we travel to Namibia in October.


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Posted by Elizabeth Cowie on
Hi Jamie,The photo tour has been great, as they always are.
I had a number of my friends following along as well and they
all enjoyed it as well.

Safe trip home,
Posted by Kathy Smith on
Thanks Jamie - a few of us followed along on Facebook. Great blog and photos. Kathy Smith
Posted by Doreen on
I love all the colorful doors you definitely would not miss or forget where you live. The blog is a great way to follow where you are and the pictures are awesome but maybe I am biased on that one.Well safe journey home everyone.
Posted by Nancy Anne on
James & Dave - the party's over but the good times live on in our images of Ireland. Thanks for another great adventure and here's an Irish saying for you.
" May you have the hindsight to know where you've been, the foresight to know where you are going, and the insight to know when you have gone too far."
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