Joshua Tree / Mojave Desert Photo Tour - April 21st “Black Canyon ”

April 21, 2013 at 9:08 PM

This morning we hit the trails at 7:00 a.m. for Black Canyon and Hole in the Wall Canyon.  These two beautiful rock formation locations are at approximately 4,100 feet.  Who knew there was these altitudes in the desert.  The Mojave is such a diverse landscape each region delivers up totally different photo opportunities from the previous day’s locations.

As we arrived into Black Canyon we were surprised to see boulders so big it even dwarfed an SUV we saw parked by one area.  The area was dappled with these large boulders some with trees growing from them and one beautiful rock with a cactus growing form the crack up one side.  Such a contrast of barren country side with dots of colours. 

We then hiked the trail to Hole in the Wall Canyon.  Water and sand erosion has pitted the canyon walls with thousands of holes in the walls.  Thus the name.  Not only was the 1 KM hike beautiful the canyon was a cool change to the ever warming sun.  Today’s high was 84F or 29C, yes even at these heights.

We returned early in the afternoon to Primm Valley for food and time to rest.  Around 5:00 p.m. this evening we are going to head back into Black Canyon for sunset photography against the large boulders then stay after dark for some night photography.  That’s it for today’s blog entry, tomorrow morning we pack up and depart Primm Valley for the 4 hour drive to Joshua Tree National Park.  More images from there tomorrow.  Trekkers saying good evening from our last night in the Mojave Desert.

Early this morning as we arrived in the large boulder fields near Black Canyon.


Beautiful Cactus growing out of the wall.


Trees which all appear to be dead and brittle, springing up from the large boulders.


Colour everywhere this morning.


A beautiful skyline.  You are standing in a barren landscape and turn around and this is what’s behind you.


Many different types of cactus can be found on the Hole in the Wall hiking trail.


Many cattle grazing areas to be found in this region.


Our first glimps of Hole in the Wall Canyon.


As you get closer the rock faces are full of all these interesting holes.  You can crawl inside some of them.


The beautiful blue sky this morning added to the landscape.


Heading deeper into the canyon.


As you climb higher on the rocks in the canyon this is the view behind you.


The view in front as we hike deeper.


Very unique surfaces.


There was a time when the water flowed through this canyon.  During certain times of the year it is still prone to flash floods.


Looking back at one of the canyon walls.


Close up of the holes, they are large open pockets when you look into the holes.


At the canyon floor some very interesting rock has been carved out by erosion.


An HDR look out of the canyon back onto the planes.


The scenery as we hike back out of the canyon.


More beautiful coloured cactus.


Then in a barren area, one lone beautiful flower.  Watch your step.


More of the red cactus.


A colourful lizzard lookds down at us as we pass by.


Gold Valley Ranch symbol hanging over the entrance. 


Here’s what the roads look like up here.


Can you find the SUV, this gives you an idea of the boulders as we travel along the mountain pass.


Many windmills for watering holes for the cattle up here.


One more windmill and water tank in black and white.


Another post tomorrow evening form our new location near Joshua Tree National Park.


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Posted by Gail Nichol on
Great photos James! Looks like another great trip.
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