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September 27, 2015 at 8:48 PM

September 27th Tarangire National Park

We have now arrived in Tarangire National Park in Tanzania and will be here for the next two days. We left the Ngorongoro crater early this morning and drove approximately 140 KM’s to Tarangire National Park. The last 45 km’s were inside the park to our lodge so we had plenty of photography opportunities as we drove through the park. One of the highlights today was another leopard, which was great as they are such a rare find due to how well the hide high up in the trees.

Tomorrow will be another full day of safari’s one drive early in the morning and again late in the afternoon. Enjoy the selection of images from todays activities.

A family of baboons crossing in front of us


This baby baboon stopped for a rest


This bird is called an Amethyst sunbird


Typical kid, ask for a photo and they stick out their tongue


This African ground bird was calling for his mate


Evelyn and her driver having some fun in the jeep behind us today


Rob, Brian, Mok and Christine a few minutes out of their photography to look around


This is a White breasted goway bird


 Today we came across another leopard sleeping high in a tree


Henny and Owen waiting for a shot of the leopard


Then he woke up, we are so lucky to have had two sightings of leopard


Mom and baby elephant just before sunset this evening


Love the name of this shop


A Masai attending his flock


A Masai village


A sale on mattresses!


This is called a Bau Bau Tree


This mini dust devils pack a punch, this one blew right over our jeep, sand and wind!!


A giraffe family enjoying the afternoon shade


 Another shot of the leopard we saw today, thanks Alexa Coupland for the image


Another Bau Bau tree at sunset this evening


Then a few minutes later another Bau Bau tree as the full moon started to rise. How fitting since this marks the Chinese Mid Autumn Festival. Break out the Moon Cake.


That’s it for today’s blog. Some of the group plan to get up at 5:00 a.m. to capture the lunar eclipse. Hopefully we will have some results to share tomorrow evening. Good night from all the photographers.


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Posted by Helen on
Great leopard photo, Alexa!
Posted by Janet on
Wow, amazing to see such a range of animals in their natural environment! Have a great rest of the trip everyone!
Posted by Jette on
Wow James..well done with those tree shots!Amazing! Jette
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