Kenya and tanzania Blog September 30th

September 30, 2015 at 7:21 PM

September 30th our final day in Amboseli National Park

Our last two game drives and we begin our trek home to Canada. It was another amazing day and as with all safari’s each drive brings a different story. Here in Amboseli with all the swamp land the animals interact with their environment differently than the other regions we have visited. So each time we go out we know it’s going to be another spectacular drive.

Tomorrow we drive back to Niarobi where we will arrive mid day. We’ll enjoy lunch with our tour host family then check into day rooms to relax and prepare for our evening flight home. It’s been a great adventure and thanks to everyone at home for following along. A couple of days on the tour we topped 11,000 hits on the blog. Enjoy the photos from todays adventure.

Mount Kilmanjaro at sunrise this morning


This is the garden pathways to our lodge rooms, just beautiful


Lorna and her driver guide Pascal


Elephant mom and her 14 week old baby


The Masai take their cattle to a watering hole within the park, Mt Kilmanjaro backdrop


Mount Kilmanjaro came in handy as a backdrop today


So many animals along the marsh lands, all the water comes from the Mountain


A panoramic of the mountain and more dust devils


Time for a good old fashion sand bath


Elephants coming to the watering hole, love the landscape opportunities


This little oasis was another perfect backdrop to photograph the elephants


Frank taking a shot from the swamp look out


Elephant and an egret in the swamp


Evelyn having a great time


Christine enjoying the view


These young ostrich out for a morning walk to the watering hole


Sometimes you have to ruffle a few feathers ....


They are off to the swamp with the mountain rising up behind them


A Great black heron 


Flatbill duck in the swamp


Two big knee’s sitting on their nest, well hidden with the rocks


Time for a mud bath


Pelican landing


Heron taking off


Heron in flight


This little guy was watching the world go by


This gives you an idea how deep the swamp land is ...


Do you know what this is???


Now you do ... a hippo enjoying a cool mud bath


The final image is the map showing our final drive back to Niarobi tomorrow and then in the evening we begin our trek home to Canada. 


That’s it for our Kenya and Tanzania Photo Tour Blog, we hope you have enjoyed all the images, stories and adventures we’ve had with the group. It’s been fun. Check back for our next blog beginning November 2nd as we depart for Peru and Machu Picchu. Good night from Kenya.


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Posted by Jane on
The photos have all been amazing! Each evening I could hardly wait to sign in, to see what had transpired for all of you Trekkers. Now, I will have to await all of the stories to begin on Friday! Safe travels home to ONE and All!! Thanks so much James for keeping us at home entertained!!
Posted by Eva MacDonald on
Just got to catch up on your wonderful blog. Again such an incredible trip. Thank for sharing with all of us here at home.
Posted by Gail Nichol on
Just awesome photos!!!!! Safe trip back home everyone!
Posted by Vicky on
Congrats on a great trip and awesome photos! Safe travels!
Posted by June on
Sounds wonderful! Amazing pictures!
Posted by Judith on
Fantastic views and photos! a very educational trip...
Posted by Sue MacKinlay on
What an amazing trip!! Safe travels home.
Posted by don t on
Enjoyed the photos. I look forward to joining you to South Africa next year. Already in the planning stages.

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