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October 27, 2013 at 6:41 PM

 Namibia Photo Tour 
Sunday October 27th, 2013

 We were up early this morning to head back to the Quiver Tree forest for a sunrise photo shoot. This morning we managed to also photograph some desert Hyrax or a desert rat. (These small creatures are said to be the nearest living relative to the elephant) This morning they were busy sunning themselves.   

After our shoot we had time for breakfast, clean up and then our 290 km drive to the coast and Luderitz Bay.  We had lunch on the road and stopped at a watering hole for wild horses.  We saw quite a few of the horses but they were too far out of range to photograph.  We did manage to photograph a few Oryx the long horned and national antelope of Namibia.

This afternoon we had some free time in Luderitz Bay then we headed into Kolmannskuppe. This is the abandon diamond village from the 1930’s and our first private visit this evening was an amazing photo experience.  

The village that was once an active residence for the diamond mine workers had been empty since the late 1930’s and is slowing being reclaimed by the desert. We will be visiting the site again tomorrow morning for sunrise photography and staying in the village to continue shooting until Noon.  Then returning again in the evening for our final shoot. So we will have had plenty of time to capture many images of the unique village.

Off to get some sleep as we have a 6:00 a.m. start tomorrow morning, good night from all the Photo Tour Trekkers here in Namibia.  Enjoy todays images. 

Quiver Tree forest at sunrise.


HDR of some quiver trees, check out the moon and a few stars in the sky.


The light really makes for interesting images.


As the sun started to rise, there was a beautiful morning mist.


The Hyrax catching the morning sun.


Another shot of the Hyrax with a quiver tree in the background.


A black and white from this mornings shoot.


The glow of the morning sun on a quiver tree.


An Oryx at the watering hole. It was over 35C in the desert so they were not moving to fast today.


This is the train station and the first location of the discover of diamonds. Thanks Sue Smith for the images.


This is Luderitz Bay and our hotel at the point. We will be here for two nights.


I’ve heard of putting your ducks in a row ... but photographers. Nancy, Sue and Susan.


We decided to play a new game called photographer strategy, last shooter left wins all the gear.


Now to decide who claims the prize, we made the rules up as we played.


Susan photographing down by the shoreline this afternoon.


Arriving at Kolmannskuppe, you can see how the desert even drifts onto the roads.


The official welcome sign.


There are so many things to photograph, this door and sand are deep inside a house.


This lighting is very interesting but many openings in the roof help.


Interesting patterns created by the light.


Another home in the village.


Tom lining up his shot.


The sand drifts into every opening.


As you can see it drifts right into the interior hallways.


Brian looking around the corner.


The evening light was soft muted by the fog the rolls in around the bay.


Look for the detail ...


It was incredible to be alone with just our group in the village.


You can see Nancy, Joyce and Danny moving to another house.



This is the long hallway in the hospital, all the workers that lived in the village never had to leave, everything was provided.


Many of the old side porches let in some beautiful light patterns.


This is the old entrance to the hospital.


Here is another house in the village, even the second floor has sand drifting in and down the stairs. Thanks Brian Boyd for the image.


 Nancy and Susan photographing ghost images in the old hospital hallway.


Houses are located all across the desert floor, near the mine.


Here’s one of several ghost images, this one is shot by Susan Berdy.


This one was created by Nancy McRae.


All the messages left behind on a dust covered glass window.


The ghost town welcome sign ...


Time to hang up the camera for the evening, this image is by Sue Smith.
Good night from Namibia.


Good night from Namibia and don’t forget comment on the blog, we love to hear from you.


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Posted by Michelle on
Feelin' like I need to shake the sand out of MY shoes. Thanks for taking the time to write the blog and post the pictures, James. Nice to see familiar faces. Sending a special hello to my former "roomie", Nancy.
Posted by Jane on
Amazing shots! A real ghost the ghost shots. Too bad it is only 35 in the desert, I think it was about 35 here today in London,.....only the other end of the scale! Keep the photos coming.
Posted by Gail Nichol on
Your photos are amazing folks! Look forward to checking out the blog each day. Have fun and take care
Posted by Dolores on
Look forward to your blog and amazing photos. Thanks for sharing.
Posted by Claudia Viani on
Hi James and Trekkers,

first chance I've had to check out your blog (just returned from Jamaica tonight, which bye the way I seriously think has all the makings of a future tour....)

What unique photos & interesting scenery, those trees.... Looking forward to checking out your blog every day, keep photos coming.

Posted by Alice F on
Great report Dr Jeff
Love to see lots of beautiful, wonderful, fine sand that comes from where?
Enjoyed Church and sunshine today, thinking of you all
Love Mom
Posted by June on
Oh, Oh, something happen to James??? I'd recognize that hat anywhere!
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