Namibia Photo Tour Blog October 30th, 2013

October 30, 2013 at 8:50 PM

Sorry for missing yesterdays post as we had a 4:30 a.m. wake up for our sunrise photo shoot in the sand dunes so everyone including yours truly tucked in for an early night.

We have now traveled from Luderitz Bay up to Sossusvlei and have spent the last two nights at Moon Mountain Lodge. What a beautiful out of Africa experience it has been here.  The sand dunes are beautiful and the hospitality has been amazing.

Tuesday was mostly a travel day and uneventful, well if you don’t count having to have a push out of some heavy sand with our coach after it got stuck when we stopped for a washroom break.  All good fun and part of the experience here in Namibia.  We spent all day Wednesday photographing the beautiful sand dunes of Sossusvlei.  And this evening a great dinner complete with some traditional Namibia singing and dancing performed by some of the staff here at Moon Mountain Lodge.  

Tomorrow we travel to Walvis Bay to continue our Namibia Photo Trek. Good night from all the trekkers from Sossusvlei. Enjoy the last two days selection of images.

A few artistic shots from our last shoot at Kolmanskoop.

The lights was very nice for this sort of photos this evening.

Look how deep the door is in the sea of sand.

Enroute to Sossusvlei on Tuesday morning.

An Oryx at a watering hole running.

Some other visitors to this watering hole are the wild horses, also some ostrich in the back.

More ostrich at the watering hole.

Lunch at our half way point today.

Another lunch shot.

Some of the scenery as we traveled on Tuesday.

If you look close you will see a large sociable weavers nest in this tree.

This is the nest up close. 700-800 birds can live in a nest this size.

Most of Tuesdays roads were like this ...

We stopped for many scenic opportunities.

This is were the fun started ....???

We got stuck in some soft sand when the coach stopped for a washroom break.

A little push and from the help of a 4x4 and we were on our way.
Danny taking photos from our lodge.

This is Moon Mountain Lodge, at sunset Tuesday evening.

Another view of some of the lodges.

Inside the rooms.

Setting out for sunrise on the sand dunes this morning.

This will give you an idea of the size of some of the dunes, see the people walking the ridge.

The sand dunes as the morning light started to hit them.

Another view as we drove along a dry river bed to get to our next photo shoot.

Then it was our turn to clime the dunes.

Dan taking a few shots on the dunes this morning.

Looking out across the landscape from high on the dune we climbed.

Dan taking the easy way down!!!

A spotted eagle owl at the location were we ate our picnic breakfast.

After breakfast we headed out to our next photo shoot in the middle of this sand dune.

Along the way Mark our Namibian guide found this sand burrowing lizzard. He runs across the desert floor so fast they call him the Kalahari Ferrari.

Tom taking a photo of the lizzard as Mark sets up the shot.

More images from the desert.

This was spectacular.

After lunch a few cooled their feet at the lodge pool.

We photographed in a canyon this afternoon. Ela, Sue and Susan.

Dune 45 at sunset.

Another shot of Dune 45.

An Oryx walking past one of the dunes late this afternoon.

Ostrich out for a sandy stroll.

And our last image for this evening another view of our lodge.

Tomorrow on to Walvis Bay, good night from Namibia.  By the way it was only 38 C in the desert today!!!


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Posted by Rebecca Turner on
So enjoying your blog and pictures from Africa .What an amazing experience.3
Posted by Erin on
38?! It was a balmy 15 here...
Also, I sense terabytes of pictures (each) coming home...
Posted by Betty Ann on
Looking at these remarkable pictures again and again. Wow factor for sure. Was your washroom break behind the trees?
Posted by Claudia Viani on
So enjoying all the pictures...Ghost Town shots especially amazing! What an adventure...
Posted by June Pryor on
Posted by Bill & Ruth on
This is amazing to follow and I'm enjoying each days images. Hello to Nancy.

Posted by Ro Barrett on
Hello James and Photo Trekkers,

It was a pleasure to meet you and some of your guests at the Sossusvlei dunes yesterday. Thank you so much for taking my daughter and my photo and passing on your website. We will check your site for more beautiful images.

Posted by Gail and Bob on
Hi Everyone
Enjoying the blog and great pics!
We are looking forward to Sedona as well!
See you soon.
Enjoy the rest of your trek!
Posted by Duchess on
Great pictures and glad to hear from you, was getting worried that you were stuck in the sand, oh but you were. Glad to see you all pushed the bus out.
Posted by Jane on
Absolutely amazing photos!! The Lodge set in the hillside is spectacular. Did not expect such elite rooms. The sand dunes amazing!! This is certainly a trip you will not regret taking, you will all come away with many, many tales. Keep the photos coming!!
Posted by Kat on
Truly amazing photo's! We're all enjoying them in our balmy 15C, rainy, and windy weather. Happy Halloween! Maybe you'll unearth some mummies next time you're diggin out the truck!! ;)
Posted by Kat on
Truly amazing photo's! We're all enjoying them in our balmy 15C, rainy, and windy weather. Happy Halloween! Maybe you'll unearth some mummies next time you're diggin out the truck!! ;)
Posted by Steven Boyd on
Amazing pictures everyone! Thank you for sharing your experience.
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