Namibia Photo Tour Blog November 4th & 5th, 2013

November 05, 2013 at 3:42 PM

Namibia Photo Tour 
Monday Nov 4th & Tuesday Nov 5th, 2013

We have been on Safari in Etosha for the last two days, which means up very early, a long day and to bed right after dinner. So we are posting the 4th and 5th blog post together.

Etosha game reserve is a beautiful 22,270 square km piece of nature.  We have spent the last two days visiting some of the regions in the national park and many of the active watering holes.  This part of Namibia is the only place in Africa you can take a game drive and see a large amount of activity during the day.  This is mainly due to the many watering holes and the vast desert and salt pans that surround the park.  The wild life stay close to the lush oasis type watering holes.

We have seen a large variety of wildlife including many prides of lions. This reserve boasts a thriving population of over 500 lions.  The experience was amazing and we have had so many photo opportunities.

As with all good things they to come to an end and this evening we have arrived back in Windhoek to begin our journey home tomorrow.  It will take a little over 24 hours to travel home, not seeing us arrive back in London until approximately 9:30 p.m. on Thursday evening.

We all hope you have enjoyed following our Namibia Photo Tour Blog and invite you to enjoy our last post for this tour.  Thanks to everyone from home who followed along and commented on the blog.  We have broke all records on daily hits for this tour.

Good Night from Windhoek, Namibia, James and all the Photo Tour Trekkers.

Sunrise as we left our lodge to enter the game reserve.


An elephant greets us as we entered this morning.


Springbok and I’m sure you can see how they get their name.


More Springbok, they are such a beautiful animal.


A hyena looking very carefully at us this morning.


He slowly and gingerly approaches.


An oryx in one of the watering holes. We actually stopped here for breakfast and morning coffee.  What a great view of the wildlife ...


This bird is called a sociable weaver.


A wildebeest on the move.


Ostrich on the run ...


A very pregnant zebra ... Gestation is 6 months


Zebra reflections at another watering hole. 


Wildebeest with a hitch hiker ... white egrit.


Zebra and the umbrella tree, the salt pan in the very background.


These twisters can be seen all over the desert, this one is picking up a considerable amount of black soot due to a fire that burned through a portion of the reserve a year ago.


Grey elephants enjoying the water, look at the baby he’s sure showing some affection.


Spring water to cool off, these elephants can take into their trunks about 8 liters of water and drink about 110 liters a day.


A lioness enjoying the afternoon shade ... I’m sure she knew we were watching her too.


Here you can see the same lioness in the bottom left stalking a wart hog bottom right at a watering hole.  The wart hog saw her and quickly ran off.


This is a different pride of lions, the female is telling her young it's time to start back to their den. Notice the perfect shadow on her back! Image by Brian Boyd.


The same pride, the mother and the cubs were running towards the brush line you see in the background of the image.


This giraffe greeted us at sunrise.


Backlight and close up, they are such a graceful creature.


Look up a way up ... this morning at sunrise.


This guy is eating thorny brush.


This is a Cape Vulture we saw first thing this morning.


Further down the road we come upon three lioness sitting in the morning sun.


It was very warm this morning already and the lions were not moving too fast.


She is actually taking in some of the air for scents and tastes.


A Jackal on the move this morning


Giraffe and Springbok in the background.


X marks the spot as two giraffe cross paths.


Crocodiles ... you don’t want to cross these hungry guys ...


Coming out of the water to check us out.


My what big teeth you have ...


Sue and Jim having some fun on safari, image by Brenda Fee-Perkins, 


A termite mound, almost as high as the tree.


A mother baboon and her baby, probably only a couple of weeks old.


Our farewell BBQ last night on the mountain side, a great way to wrap up a safari.


Brian, Tom, Danny and Joyce enjoying the evening.


Another look at our private party in the jungle.


Sunset leaving the park last night.


One last sunset ...Good night from Namibia.


That’s a wrap for our images, again we hope you have enjoyed the blog and thanks for all the great comments as we traveled.  The Trekkers start their journey home tomorrow, to all the photographers that have enjoyed this experience with me it has been great to travel and photograph with Namibia with you ... James


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Posted by Vanessa Dewson on
I've really enjoyed following all your blog posts. Some images really brought back memories of my trip there in 2001 while others were new places you make me want to visit one day. Safe travels home!
Posted by Duchess on
I loved following your blog, and loved all the wild animals and sunset. Excellent pictures.
Thanks for sharing this blog and safe travels home to each and everyone of you.
Posted by Betty Ann on
Thanks so much for taking the time to share these most amazing images. Loved every minute of it. The final picture is so fitting and one of my favourites. Safe travels home. Can't wait until Sue shares her pictures.
Posted by NA Smith on
Glad to know that Jerome from The Friendly Giant is retired and happy in Namibia! Great photographs and what a thrill to see them in person. Can't wait to hear the stories! Welcome home! ......................... NA
Posted by Kat on
Wonderful pictures guys, thanks for sharing! Safe home!
Posted by Dave on
WOW, Plenty of animals boy wonder! I'm sure it was fast and furious. Amazing stuff.
I enjoyed the blog almost as much as if I was there...Ok not really but I did enjoy it
Posted by Shari on
Another amazing day in Namibia. Great photos everyone. Thank you for sharing. I am sure you are bringing home some wonderful memories and photographs.
Posted by Rob Kneeshaw on
I really enjoyed reading the blog and checking out all of the photos. It certainly looks like you all had an amazing adventure...thanks for sharing! It won't be too much longer before you can all get a decent nights sleep once again, lol! Have a safe journey home everyone!
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