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May 20, 2017 at 1:40 AM

Friday May 19th, 2017 - Keringhuis Water Management Centre

The Keringhuis Public Water Management Information Centre is dedicated to the flood risk management in the Province of Zuid-Holland and the impressive Maeslant Storm Surge Barrier. The Keringhuis shows how the locals still manage to keep their feet dry in the water-rich Province of Zuid-Holland. The Maeslant storm surge barrier is the last part of the Dutch Delta Works and is the world’s largest moveable barrier. This impressive construction cannot be described in words, and protects the low lands from major floods. 

We spent the morning exploring the complex including a chance to walk out to the barriers and get underneath them. This is when you realize the size of the complex. Each wing of the barrier is the same height as the Eiffel Tower. 

We enjoyed a little country side walk before returning to our hotel. Tomorrow we will spend the day visiting Rotterdam. Enjoy a few photos from today.

Welcome to the Keringhuis Water Management Centre.


The huge gates move into position if the winds and push the water back up the delta.


Here's an aerial shot from an information post. The gates have only had to close once since their installation almost 20 years ago.


Observation point ... thanks Sue Smith for the image.


It's not until you get closer to them you realize the size.


We had an opportunity to go behind the secure gates and get an up close look.


This is when you realize how big they are. The gates are moved into place with large electric motors. The warning system that activates them is automatic and is measured by ocean sensors.


Looking across the canal at the other side.


Looking up...




Interesting objects around the compound.


Interesting door at the place we had lunch. It was an old torpedo warehouse. Now you just sit at the bar and get bombed!!!


A monument to the people who immigrated.


A curious rabbit.


Car ferry departing for England.


Many container ships pass through this canal.


Out for a walk along the pier.


On the way back to our hotel tonight we did a walk along a lane. Interesting things to see.


This young lady rode past, she stoped and chatted with the group. Apparently the small horse is buddies with her horse and always goes for walks with them.


Nice to meet you ...


Gina and Mike taking a few shots. Thanks Sue Smith for the photo.


The beautiful groom side road we walk down this afternoon.


That's it for this evening, tomorrow Rotterdam. Good night from the Netherlands.


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Posted by Susanne Barton on
That is quite a water system. That would be an interesting spot.
Those Setters are absolutely beautiful.
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