New Zealand Blog March 27th, 2016

March 28, 2016 at 4:39 AM

Auckland to Rotorua

Early this morning we traveled from Auckland to Rotorua again making various stops for photography as we traveled. One of the highlights this morning was the Glowworm caves at Waitomo. This was a great place to experience as you descended underground into the caves, first to experience the beautiful caves then to see the glowworms. The glowworms adhere themselves to the roof of the caves above the flowing water. The glow of the worms is the experience.

After lunch we carried on to Rotorua and spent the evening walking along the shores and gardens around our hotel. It was a beautiful evening for photography. 

Tomorrow we visit an Agradome, Nature Park and of course the geysers. Enjoy some of the images we captured during todays trek. Good night from Rotorua.

Typical New Zealand countryside.


A hydro electric plant close by a rest stop this morning. This is a combination 70% natural gas and 30% coal plant. B&W HDR made this an interesting shot.


Being Easter Sunday, we were greeted at the caves entrance by the Easter Bunny. Gail and Paul enjoying an easter egg treat.


Ron and Alexa as we approach the entrance to the caves.


No photography is allowed in the glowworm chambers as flash photography of any kind can cause the worms not to settle in for mating. This image of the caves is a commercial shot I got from the caves archive. But this lets you see what we experienced as we floated through the chambers on the small boats.


Here's a shot of our boat returning back into the caves. I took this from the cave entrance after he dropped us off.


Here's our official group photo while visiting the caves. It was an amazing experience.


More of the New Zealand landscape as we traveled to Rotorua.


We also stopped at the Karapiro Dam, to enjoy the view of the lake. This is a one way dam and traffic is controlled by stops lights at either end.


This little village was filled with interesting corrugated animal buildings.


Here's another shot!


In the evening we did a photo walk around Rotorua and came across this tree wrapped in wool. Very colourful.


This is the Pukapo bird, the evening light made it great to catch the colours.


Here's one in the pond, great reflections.


A baby Pukapo trying to get to their mom in the water.


More great reflections.


In the background is one of the original spas fed by the hot springs here in Rotorua.


Another reflections shot on the pond. This was shot with my iPhone!


These gals were having fun with selfie's on the garden lawn this evening.


All along the shore were black swans, this curious guy came up to us for a photo session.


Sunset as we walked along the shoreline this evening.


Another view over the bay, rolling around in the balls on the water looked like fun.


This was a tree of recycled bikes located on the edge of the park. 


One last shot for this evening ... this is Eat Streat that's right streat not a spelling error. A great selection of places to dine. We have our eye on a micro brewery for fish and chips. More tomorrow, good night from Rotorua.


That's a wrap for this evening, tomorrow Agradome and Geysers. Good night.



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