Scotland Blog May 31, 2014

May 31, 2014 at 9:33 PM

Scotland Blog - Saturday May 31st, 2014 - Touring Isle of Lewis

Our day was spent photographing various locations on the Isle of Lewis. The Butt of Lewis Lighthouse was our first photo shoot this morning. We had yet another beautiful day with mixed blue skies and slight overcast, no wind and a comfortable temperature to walk along the coast.

After the lighthouse, we made a quick stop at whalebone arch, then had lunch and a photo shoot at the Gearrannan Black House village, these are thatched roofed houses with a view of the coastline. The blackhouses have seen the cycle of life through generations of crofting families.  They were occupied until the early 1970s when the last few elderly residents moved to new accommodation that didn’t need the annual maintenance of thatch and stonework. Finally we visited the stone broch at Dun Carloway and the Callanish Stone Circle. It was another fun day.

Tomorrow we will spend time in Stornaway visiting the harbour and other locations around the village. Being Sunday everything is closed.  Enjoy the images from our day on the Isle of Lewis.

Coastal shot at the Butt of Lewis Lighthouse this morning.


The lighthouse at the point.


Another view of the lighthouse and communications centre.


Deb shooting reflections.


Oh look what she is shooting ....


The gulls nesting.


The rugged coastline. If you look closely at about 1 o’clock in the photo you will see Joan and Diane.


Zoomed into Joan and Diane.


Ken and Val walking along the steep cliffs.


When we stopped for a washroom break, break found this mug in a charity shop. It reads “Toronto was so expensive, I could only afford to bring back half a mug.”


This is Whalebone Arch, this is the jaw of a whale that washed up on the shoreline years ago. The harpoon in the centre was still stuck in the whale.


Scotch pine.


The thatched roof black houses we visited at Gearrannan village and had a great lunch here.


Another view of the huts.


Located right on the coast.


Inside one of the huts, a demonstration of making tweed.


Inside the building.


This guy was moving pretty quickly through the sheep field. 


This region has many sheep.


This sheep is coming to check us out. They wonder free all through the countryside.


The farmers heard them into strips to keep order on how they eat the grass. You can see the sheep dog in the top right hand side of the image.


First view of the stone broch.


The villagers would hide between the walls of the structure if their village was raided.


Jacque exploring the inside walls.


Joan, Val and Don exploring the structure.


Ken capturing a shot of the landscape below.


This is the view below the broch, Ken is in the foreground.


Ram mailbox.


The Callaniash stone circle.


Another view of one of the stones up-close.


An HDR B&W shot of the stone circle this afternoon.


Our last shot of the day, again something yellow. This cabinet was in one of the grass huts today.


That’s it for this evening, don’t forget to leave your comments. Good night from the Isle of Lewis.


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Posted by Jenny and Ray on
Great photography, as always we are really enjoying the blog. Such a beautiful place to photograph.
Posted by Mark on
Great shots folks, keep them coming. We are enjoying them very much.
Posted by Linda Feick on
Beautiful shots of the countryside!
Deb, I would love to paint that cottage scene when
You get back. Also love the reflection shot!
Looks like you are enjoying yourselves!
Posted by Shari on
Love the photographs so far. So many interesting shots. The cottages are really cool and love the sheep. Looking forward to many more pics in the days to come as your adventure continues.
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