Scotland Blog June 1st, 2014

June 01, 2014 at 6:16 PM

Scotland Blog - Sunday June 1st, 2014 - Sunday on Stornaway 

The Outer Hebrides is one of those places left in the world were everything comes to a stop on a Sunday ... including the Trekkers.  Today was a free day so everyone took some time to relax, a few attended a church service, but in general just enjoyed the world taking some time to stop.  After lunch we held a round table discussion time, spending some of the afternoon looking at some of the groups images since we began the tour. We discussed and demonstrated at a few Lightroom and Photoshop techniques and camera settings.

This evening we had a light rain, but after dinner Bill, Ruth and I took a walk along a path across from our hotel that borders a golf course. The bonus this evening was a trail filled with colourful flowers a creek and a restored water wheel.  We posted a few images from our evening walk.  

As we entered the trail this sign was posted on the gate.


The last beams of light for the day.


A fern growing on a stone bridge.


A bridge on the edge of the golf course and trail.


The light rain made for great water droplets. 


Bill walking up the trail.


Moss growing on a tree as we walked along the trail.


The overcast evening light helped bring out the colour.


This 30 second exposure smoothed out the water and highlighted the greens.



Another colourful shot.


The small canal that feeds the water wheel winds along the trail.


Another section of the trail, it was a great walk this evening.


This is the little building alongside the water wheel.


Another time exposure to soften the water on the water wheel.


This is the little aqua duct that feeds the water wheel from the stream.


Water wheel.


And of course something yellow to finish off the evening. If you look closely you can see the light rain falling this evening.  Well after all it is Scotland!


That’s it for this evening’s post and images. Tomorrow morning we will depart for the Isle of Harris taking a short ferry ride mid day. Good night from Stornaway, Scotland.

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Posted by Dolores Cooper on
Love the shots. So much to see. The green foliage is beautiful.
Posted by carol on
Great shots. Thank you so much.
Posted by Kat on
James you could probably print that dog poster, and sell it in Canada....
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