Polar Bears Day Three

October 29, 2012 at 11:08 PM

Polar Bear Photo Tour - Day Three - Day on the Tundra and Inuit Cultural Night

   We have had a great day out on the tundra, with sightings of 10 polar bears today.  After a great photo shoot of the moon setting and the sun rising, we encountered our first polar bear of the morning.  This young male spent quite some time in and around our vehicle. His visit and curiosity made for some great photography.

   Our group had the pleasure of traveling today with our guide and driver Bill in the Great White Bear’s newest tundra vehicles.  Talk about size and comfort.  It was a great treat to have the entire vehicle to ourselves especially for a small group of photographers.  We spent the entire day out on the tundra including a nice picnic lunch of hot soup and sandwiches.  For anyone keeping score at home (Brian B) this year Lorna got the salmon.

   After a full day on the tundra we had a couple of hours free time to sort images, and get ready for dinner.  After dinner we visited with an Inuit couple Peter and Mary.  They presented the ways of Inuit life in the high north, the conditions they lived under on the ice and some of the traditional songs, dances and ways of making clothing and playing games.  It was a great time and we came away learning more about the Inuit culture.

   Tomorrow we are back out at sunrise and on the tundra vehicles for another full day of photographing the bears out and along the coast of Hudson Bay.  Each day brings different opportunities for bears, their locations and hopefully to catch a little sparing.

   That’s if from the Photo Tour Trekkers this evening in Churchill, Manitoba, the Polar Bear Capital of Canada.  Enjoy todays photographs.


A shot inside our tundra vehicle as we boared just before sunrise this morning.


The last images of the full moon this morning as we headed out.


Then on to the sun rise.  It was a clear and beautiful day here in Churchill toayd.


Another sunrise shot.


Randy on the watch for bears as we headed out.


Our first Polar Bear this morning, the rising sun added some nice colour to her coat.


He moved in for a close inspection.


Dave looking out window as this guy comes in closer.


It was nice of this poalr bear to move in close.


"Everything looks OK down here, just give me a minute for one adjustment!"


Another polar bear moving in for a closer look.  Check out those paws!!


This guy was very curious, the grate on the back stage allows you below.


This gives you an idea of the tundra and a look at the one of the vehicles in the distance.


A Ptarmigan in the willows as we headed further along the coast.


This Ptarmigan was running away from us, notice his feet and the red over his eye.  At one point this morning there was so many in the brush I said it was "Ptarmigedden" Thanks to Randy Van Hooren for this great image.


Here's a large male in the distance.  The sceenery was beautiful.


Four bears out on the tundra.  Thanks Randy Van Hooren for this image.


Polar Bear walking along the shoreline we followed this guy for quite some time this afternoon.


These two young males were playing on the ice, then came across the lake to check us out.


They started a small amout of sparring, but nothing to serious.


Sparring is how the bears prepare thier muscles prior to heading out on the ice to hunt seals.


This carried on for a while, thanks for the photo ops boys.  Then over they came.


Then all of a sudden their attention was on us and across the frozen lake they came.


The light was perfect, they are very healthy young males.


Once they got up they came across the lake at a pretty good pace.


A nice side view as he came close to the shore.


As this bear reached shore something smelled good.  Again notice the paws.


Notice the teeth as he tastes something on the shoreline.  Thanks Randy Van Hooren for this image.


This young female then approached from the other side and started to cross the lake.  


Notice their tongue, they are actually black.


When you see a polar bear do this with thier mouth they are stressed.  And she is a little nervous because the two males are still over by our vehicle.


This young female actually moved off very quickly.


Dave, Wendy, Randy and Lorna at the back of the tundra vehicle this afternoon.


Steve our guide and Bill our tundra vehicle driver, Steve it's great to work with you again.


This young polar bear was on his own.


Beautiful against the snow.


Then further out onto the ice.


A silhouette of the bear heading out on the ice.


Looking out the front window of the tundra vechicle.  This will give you an idea of what these vehicles can cross.


Mary prepares to start her Inuit presentation.


Peter plays the drum as Mary sings a traditional song.


Peter speaking with the group.


Randy trying on a traditional pair of snow googles make from bone.

That's a wrap on todays events here in Churchill.  We are back out on the tundra vehicles at 7:45 a.m. tomorrow morning.  Good night from Churchill.


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Posted by Vickey McAlpine on
Wendy et al

I'm awestruck! What beautiful pics!

...me xo
Posted by Michele on
Wow !! What a really great blog for us to follow along with (green with envy). The pictures and the bears are absolutely fabulous!! Love their paws. Just amazing! ... and uh .. ya ! .. the tundra vehicle is KEY!! Just might get me out there if the trip is that cozy. Thanks for sharing!
Posted by Christine on
What beautiful pictures. Looks like you are having amazing weather. Can't wait to see more!
Posted by Brian Boyd on
Great photos!! Good to see you have Steve back as a guide.
Lorna, hope you enjoyed your salmon sandwich as I did last year. Remember the bears love salmon. Thanks James for the salmon reminder.
Hope the homemade blueberry pie is as good as it was last year.
Posted by Lucille on
These pictures are amazing, looks like a fabulous trip, I can't wait for tomorrow!
Posted by Lorna on
Yes,Brian the blueberry is as good as you promosed, although, we had to fight Steve for it every night.
Posted by Claudia Viani on
What beautiful pictures....such an amazing experience for everyone. Keep them coming.
Posted by nancy on
Thank you for sharing your photos. It looks like a wonderful trip!
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