Polar Bears Day Four

October 30, 2012 at 11:57 PM

Polar Bear Photo Tour - Day Four - Day two on the Tundra

   Another great day out on the Tundra today ... It was a little overcast compared to the blue sky day on Monday.  As Dave one of our photographers in the group said “it was nice to have a change in the lighting conditions for a contrast in our images”.

   Back out for sunrise on the tundra vehicles and only on the trails for 5 minutes when we came across the first polar bear of the morning.  You could see the tundra vehicle compound from wee he was laying.  In fact our driver Bazz told us that there were bear track all around the yard this morning, and the figured the polar bear was still close by. 

   We then continued towards Churchill river and then followed the coast.  We came across two more polar bears digging and eating the kelp that was washed up on the shore.  This time of year the polar bears are very hungry and will eat almost anything while waiting to get back onto the ice to hunt for seals.

   Right though to lunch we were lucky with bear spottings.  It was a lighter than yesterday, but when we did find them it was up close and made for good photographic opportunities.  As I said it was another fun day out on the tundra.

   After dinner tonight we had some time to relax and sort through our images and prepare for our day tomorrow.  We start the day with a tour of the eskimo museum, then a drive out to Cape St. Marie, followed by dog sledding.  We will also spend time photographing in and around Churchill.  After dinner tomorrow evening we fly back to Winnipeg were we will stay overnight, flying back home on the 1st of November.

   That’s all for our report this evening, so we will say goodnight from James and the Photo Tour Trekkers in Churchill, Manitoba.  Enjoy tonights selection of images.


Out on the Tundra looking for the polar bears, you can see how barren it is looking out the vehicles windows.


Our first polar bear this morning, he hardly moved the whole time we were watching him.


Following another vehicle out this morning, notice the size of the tires.  Val was the driver of this vehicle, and those that traveled up here with us last year will remember she was our first driver.


Sunrise out on the tundra.  Something so barren yet so beautiful.


When we frist encounter this polar bear he was sleeping.  After a little time he became more active.


After a while he sat up and started to look around.


Now I think by asking him to pose with this well known product made the shot!!!


This polar bear was quite entertaining.


Another shot down by the shoreline.  It was a very cold breeze ok wind today.


This bear was digging deep into the kelp.  Look at his dirty nose.


He looked link he did not want to be distrubed!!!


This was his partner who was also digging in the kelp.


This one eventually gave up on digging and came over to check us out.


Time to come closer and have a look ...


This polar bear was out on the ice of a small lake, and was trying to break through it.


He then left the ice and came through the willows for closer look at us.


He then moved passed us and back onto another ice coverd lake.  He did this strage rolling back and forth of his heand, then moved on.  Even our guide Steve had never seen this before.


He then stopped and moved on.  Notice how much they can streach out their neck compared to the previous image.


We then traveled along the shore to bird cove. Notice the Ethica ship wreak in the foreground and off in the distance top right, the last grain ship of the season makes it's way into port.  Churchill is a sea port and is actually 1000 miles closer to europe.  It is a very short shipping season on Hudson Bay.


The setting sun this evening over Hudson Bay.


Thanks to the tundra vehicles you can get quite close to the polar bears and still be safe.


A B&W of a polar bear in the willows this afternoon.


Lorna and our driver Buz, you can see tundra of rock and snow out the front windows.  The nice thing about the Great White Bear Tour companies tundra vechicles, there is plenty of room to move around.  We even had a tripod or two set up in the nice wide isles.  Thanks to Don and his great team for making this a great adventure.


One last image, an HDR black and white of the tundra under the setting sun.  We are so lucky as Canadians to have such a beautiful back yard to play in.  A Churchill experience should be on everyone's bucket list.

That's it for this evening, from all of us in Churchill, good night and we'll post another update and images tomorrow evening.



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Posted by patti on
Looks like that bear breached the the perimeter just like Sandy in NYC. Great shots everyone.
Posted by Q on
That strange moving back and forth of his head - I'm not sure, but it's quite possible he's never heard one of James' jokes before!
Posted by Paul on
Another great day of photographs. Enjoying the blog.

Posted by Pia on
James, came you tell me what all that talk about "getting the salmon" is about...I am imagining that it is like "kissing the cod" in Newfoundland. Am I on the right track?

I am following the blog, enjoying the great images and curious to know how many are in your group...the plane and the tundra vehicle seem virtually empty!

Have a great last full day!

Posted by Deb on
Wow! It's amazing, Coke is everywhere! And here I thought our tundra was isolated and barren!
It looks like everyone is having fun and getting some memorable shots. I am glad the weather has given you such beautiful light.

I guess I will have to put this on my bucket list for the future James.

Save home.
Posted by Gail Nichol on
Hi, great photos and I love the one with the "coke bottle", smart bear !!LOL I agree with Deb got to go on this trip. Have a safe trip home.
Posted by claudia Viani on
Love them...love them...love them...was the one bear break dancing? Of course pic with coke bottle is brilliant!
Posted by Shari on
Amazing shots everyone!
Love the coke pic. James, remind you of anyone?
So many wonderful bear photos. Absolutely fabulous!
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